How Godpreneurs Wait: Part 6 – Uncovering Your Entrepreneurial Calling

God gives you gifts according to His plans for your entrepreneurial venture.

How Godpreneurs Wait: Part 5 – Get Uncomfortable

God wants us to live out our business purpose to the fullest.

How Godpreneurs Wait: Part 3 – Focusing on What We Know

You don't know how things will turn out in your business, but you know in whom you believe!

How Godpreneurs Wait: Part 2 – Whistle While You Wait

Maybe your circumstances in business appear to be upside down, but God is always right-side up!

How Godpreneurs Wait: Part 1 – Redirect Your Focus

Seeing God answer a prayer or a promise in our business is pretty easy. Waiting on God to do so can be very hard. Especially when God doesn’t come through for a while.

Visions To Life – Step 1: What You Were Born To Do

God's vision for us entrepreneurs is what should drive the decision of what business we should be in

Staying the Course in Business: Part 7 – Humility While Waiting

So, how do you become more like Jesus in the marketplace? How do you develop a spirit of humility during your waiting season?


Almost every morning since 2014, I’ve sat down to read my bible in the morning and God puts it on my heart to share a message with other entrepreneurs.

I’ve learned a lot about running my business by the book.

Will you allow me to share that with you?


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Visions To Life – Step 1: What You Were Born To...

God's vision for us entrepreneurs is what should drive the decision of what business we should be in

Waiting on God in Your Business: Part 2 – Join the...

The process of waiting in business can be our friend or it can be our foe, it can be positive or negative, it can be exciting or it can be nerve-racking; ultimately the choice is yours.


Books on Being Rich Won’t Make You Wealthy

What I've learned from the bible has made me rich at times. But what I've retained from the bible has made me wealthy in wisdom. The wealth in wisdom, over the long run, translates to financial wealth as well because I make better decisions in light of everything God is teaching me.


How to Finish What You Start: Part 5 – Be Ready...

As a Godpreneur, it's so extremely important for us to not only be prepared operationally but more importantly, spiritually


How to Increase Sales by Speaking Your Customer’s Language

In high school I was part of different cliques.  Since I played multiple sports, I had the Hispanic soccer players, the black football players...
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