Thursday, December 14, 2017

Generosity To Clients Gets You Paid More

Effective entrepreneurs strive to be generous with others. We understand the boomerang effect of generosity—it always comes back to us.

8 Lies of Entrepreneurship – 8 Truths to Battle Those Lies

Some years back, I realized that I didn't like entrepreneurship anymore. I knew I couldn’t just stop and close up my shop . I wasn't just going there and getting a job. But I...

On the Verge of Quitting Entrepreneurship? Read This

Sometimes I think about how easy it would be to have a 9-5 job. Just tell me what to do, and I do that one thing. Set me on my path, lay out my...

Feeling Like Your Business is Hopeless? You Just Need This

Something weird happens when I'm starting a new venture or launching a new product. Everything starts out wonderful, there's excitement in the air, things are flowing...and suddendly something bad happens. I either run out of...

Entrepreneurs with Kids – Read This to Make Sure They Succeed Too

Owning a business can either be a blessing on a family or a curse. If mom and/or dad aren't 'present' because the business (bringing in money) is more important, we can have problems. I think...

I’ll Succeed Once I Get Married (or Divorced)

I'm married. But I was a single entrepreneur before, so I can speak as to the "before and after" of having a business while single versus being married. I'm writing this because I have single...

Running a Business On Your Own? I Have to Warn You of This

Going back to when I first got into a partnership with my friends to start the marketing agency, we did everything on our own. I didn't seek advice. After all, I had just paid...

If You are Looking for True Purpose and Passion in Business, Read This

Do you have thoughts like: I need my business to fill the empty places in my life. If I find that business, my loneliness will be gone and I will be whole. The right...

Is God Even In My Industry?

I've had my non-believer friends tell me "The bible was written so long ago by people that don't know things today, that's why I can't take it serious." I've also had entrepreneurs tell me Christianity...

Feel trapped in Your Business? This Truth Will Set You Free

It was early 2016 and I found myself all alone at my office. I had just let go of a bunch of staff to "restart" my business in a new direction. The conversation in my...


Almost every morning since 2014, I’ve sat down to read my bible in the morning and God puts it on my heart to share a message with other entrepreneurs.

I’ve learned a lot about running my business by the book.

Will you allow me to share that with you?


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Generosity To Clients Gets You Paid More

Effective entrepreneurs strive to be generous with others. We understand the boomerang effect of generosity—it always comes back to us.

When Is The Right Time to Minister to Clients

Learn to listen to your clients and the spirit and discover your ministry opportunity to your client's heart.

I Lied to a Salesman, and It Cost Me Big Time

Confess your lie immediately or take back what was stolen. Don’t let it go uncorrected or it will fester and become a “rotten stench” in your character.


Books on Being Rich Won’t Make You Wealthy

What I've learned from the bible has made me rich at times. But what I've retained from the bible has made me wealthy in wisdom. The wealth in wisdom, over the long run, translates to financial wealth as well because I make better decisions in light of everything God is teaching me.


Good Customer Service Starts with A Good Service

One of the biggest mistakes I made as an entrepreneur was not staying involved in the quality of the product my employees were producing. ...


How to Increase Sales by Speaking Your Customer’s Language

In high school I was part of different cliques.  Since I played multiple sports, I had the Hispanic soccer players, the black football players...
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