The 19 Rules of Money Management for Christian Entrepreneurs – Rule 3: Have No...

If we Godpreneurs let fear into our businesses, we've given the enemy a desk in our office.

The 19 Rules of Money Management for Christian Entrepreneurs – Rule 2: You’re Not...

The money you have it's all a gift from God, you don't own it, it's all on loan.

Distraction-Free Godpreneurs – Part 5: A Strong Foundation

Godpreneurs have a clear understanding of their identity in Christ

Stepping Into What You Were Born To Do – Step 2: You Gotta Have...

Faith is acknowledging that whatever business venture you're about to head into, God is at your side, and with Him, you will not be shaken.

Stepping Into What You Were Born to Do – Step 1: Get Out of...

God is asking you to step outside of that place of comfort

BOOK REVIEW – Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

Educate yourself and prepare your business to steward the financial blessings God has in store for you

Distraction-Free Godpreneurs – Part 1: It’s All Around Us

Godpreneurs must fight to guide our products and services in the direction God has called us.


Almost every morning since 2014, I’ve sat down to read my bible in the morning and God puts it on my heart to share a message with other entrepreneurs.

I’ve learned a lot about running my business by the book.

Will you allow me to share that with you?



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Helping You Run Your Business By The Book

I've learned a lot about finding God's calling for your entrepreneurial life and living it out. Will you allow me to share that with you?

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How do I know when God wants me to shut down...

Is it time to shut down my business and restart? How can I test if the new direction is from God? Watch this video to find out.



How to Finish What You Start: Part 5 – Be Ready...

As a Godpreneur, it's so extremely important for us to not only be prepared operationally but more importantly, spiritually


How to Increase Sales by Speaking Your Customer’s Language

In high school I was part of different cliques.  Since I played multiple sports, I had the Hispanic soccer players, the black football players...
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