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How Brand Strategists Attract New Business, God's Way

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Today, I want to talk about making yourself more available…. rather than more visible.

As brand strategists, we sometimes fall into the trap of believing that power and authority come from appearing "omnipresent" across a variety of channels and mediums. We think, "If I had a podcast, YouTube, radio show, magazine, TikTok, and courses, I'd get more people because I'm all over the place."

We live in a society where appearing to be everywhere can make us more famous, but what value are we really creating? And because we consult clients about making themselves more visible with a beautiful website and matching social media presence, it's easy for us to focus on our visibility as the building blocks to attracting new clients.

What I have discovered over my years of building up my own brand and visibility is that the #1 tool to attract new clients to myself AND feeling good about my purpose in life is to make myself as available as possible wherever I go.

I went to an entrepreneur event in Washington, D.C., with thousands of other business owners. I took tons of business cards, connected with others at all the networking events, and attended the dinners. After 2 days, I still didn't have any solid leads to bring back to my agency. Then on day 3, I sat next to someone on the bus to an event, and we had an authentic conversation about his brand. I started to provide him free direction on his brand and advice for his business growth. And what if I told you that this guy was the only client I pulled from the entire event.

We brand strategists miss so many opportunities to love and serve others because we focus only on ourselves, our own needs, agency growth, and not the needs, brokenness, and businesses of those with whom God brings near us every day.

We try to make ourselves visible, but God wants us to make ourselves available.

Jesus says

For all those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.” (Luke 14:11 NIV)

True branding is about letting the value you provide exalt you to the point where someone wants to approach you to help guide them. Your service to others creates value for you and others.

When you're at birthday parties, networking events, friends get-togethers, or playing golf with new people, look for opportunities to ask the same discovery questions you'd ask a paying client. Ask them what they do, what they love to do, and their future hopes and dreams. Then let the conversation flow. You'll be amazed at what gold this provides for you when you invest and pour into others.

We have been given a gift from God to help others find their calling and purpose in life. There's a world that's lost, searching, and hungry to know what on earth they are here for. We were the ones called to do this.

God wants us to develop a servant's mindset, not a serve-me attitude. We must first desire to want to be used by God wherever, whenever, regardless of an exchange of money or value.

When we choose to make ourselves more available for God's work, He makes us more visible to others. When we faithfully step into this role, we begin to attract the clients God wants us to work with, and these clients will help our businesses grow.



  1. Are you a person who gives freely, or do you always expect an exchange of monetary value?

  2. Consider an example where building an authentic relationship was the more desirable and satisfying approach.


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Love this. Leading our business and life with the eyes of a servant is what will bring us before kings.

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