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  • The Biblical Truth About Sales Conversations

    I remember the first time I tried my hand at a sales job. I wanted to sell for that company, but they took so long to move me to sales that I applied elsewhere Typical of the time, they offered little to nothing in the way of true sales mentorship. If only I’d understood that in the Kingdom, service IS sales … I probably could have sold quite well! But I was just an infant in my journey, and I thought sales was about having charisma and “knowing all

  • Sharing Jesus Without Losing the Sale

    Has Jesus saved your business? Did God inspire you to create a product or service? As I went through the same exercise you're going to go through, I was able to understand my two major Anyone who believes and is baptized will be saved. (Mark 16:15‭-‬18 NLT) If we all share our testimony and help other clients do the same, we're all going #GainConfidence #AgencyOwners #ShareYourTestimony For more posts on SALES, click here.

  • How to Talk About God in a Sales Pitch

    Who knows, it might even produce a sale or two! Imagine if we all took a deep and discovered how God saved our businesses and influenced our products I pray your sales team will be receptive and also jump on the testimony train!

  • God's Formula for Finding Your "Niche" and Making More Sales

    To read more articles about sales, click here. #MakingMoreSales

  • Fear of Going LIVE on Social Media? You're Missing Potential Sales

    We're not doing all these live events to find our identity in the applause, comments, or even the sales How will you incorporate prayer before live events to receive that same power to cast your fear? To read more articles about sales, click here. #FindingMyPurpose

  • The Best Way to Sell is Not to Sell

    No sane person part with his money until he sees value in exchange. What people buy is value. So, merely telling people how good your product is, does not make sales.

  • How to Write Your Testimony Into Your Brand Story

    And I tell prospects this redemption story over and over, and I end with "He wants to do the same for I started including it on my website, in my sales scripts, and even some social media posts. In the same way, writing down your business testimony is a vision of the future that God gave you specifically

  • Networking Is Dead - Christian Entrepreneur Do This Instead

    I've always felt uncomfortable with the idea of trying to meet people for the sole purpose of personal Then, we come out and got sales or business development jobs, and we were taught to race to one more So, Jesus responded by essentially saying that if you want the "sale," you have to serve. The same formula for greatness is available to us too! To read more articles about sales, click here. #MakingMoreSales

  • Uncovering the Niche Target Market You’re Called to Serve

    Thank goodness for that, or we’d all be targeting the same demographic.

  • Christian Brand Strategists Use This Client Attraction Method

    God wants us to figure out how to help ONE person and then gives us the knowledge and desire to scale To read more articles about sales, click here. #MakingMoreSales #AttractMoreClients #BrandStrategist

  • How to Increase Sales by Speaking Your Customer’s Language

    ’ve become just about every sort of servant there is in my attempts to lead those I meet into a God-saved

  • How Brand Strategists Attract New Business, God's Way

    networking events, friends get-togethers, or playing golf with new people, look for opportunities to ask the same To read more articles about sales, click here. #MakingMoreSales #AttractMoreClients #BrandStrategist

  • How to Rule Over Your Money, God’s Way

    Next, you save some money. Then, you pay Uncle Sam (your government taxes). The same way I wouldn’t let my 2-year-old son make his own decisions, you shouldn’t let your money come You must keep your formula the same and instead look at your revenue and expenses and begin to make changes

  • How Faith-Based Agencies Sell More

    In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your To read more articles about sales, click here. #MakingMoreSales