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Find a New Way to Sell Your Product or Service

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Selling logos and websites since 2001, I’ve changed my pitch many times.  I change it based on the current times, based on who I’m speaking to, and based on the needs I perceive.

Now I approach logos and websites from a spiritual perspective.  I approach it from a ‘purpose-focused business’ and ‘knowing your identity’ perspective.  I want people to know that logos and websites are the outward expressions of the entrepreneur’s inner identity.  And that inner identity comes from a caller, who has called the entrepreneur for a purpose, and that the entrepreneur was born to do something and we need to figure that out first.

Whether my clients go to church or not, they are INTRIGUED.  Sure, I’m sure some dismiss me in their minds.  I probably won’t do business with those.  But the ones who are receptive to my message….well, I’ve totally changed their perspective on websites and logos.  Before, they thought its just some marketing tool.  Now, they see it as an extension of their own identity, and some even accept it as their calling by God.

We all have services or products that can easily be commoditized.  It’s easy for us to get lost in a sea of other massage therapists, other consultants, other party planners.

In Acts 17, Paul is preaching to scholars in Athens.  These guys do nothing but philosophize on life.  They love when new people come with new ideas.  They thirst for more knowledge.  So Paul lays it on them and explains who God really is. Some dismissed him, some were intrigued, and some were immediately transformed.

Instead of coming at your clients from the same perspective as everyone else, see how you can explain your offering in a way that hits the heart.  Enter the conversation already going on in their head.

That’s why I come at the logo and website design from a TOTALLY DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE.  I let them find me through what they THINK they want, but then I hit them with what they really need….and that makes me the UNIQUE website/logo/branding guy.  People have literally told me that they think I’m the “business pastor”.  I like that 🙂

For me, I know a lot of people struggle with identity, with a purpose in life, and finding clarity on what they were born to do.  They don’t Google those search terms, they look for logos and websites to answer these questions, but won’t find it with just any regular designer.

When we Godpreneurs are very clear on how our business is significant to God’s bigger purposes, we have the ability to come at prospects from a totally new perspective.

Godpreneur Rule #87: God will show you the one thing that sets you apart from everyone else.  Tell that story.

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