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Bestselling author, podcast host, executive ghostwriter, amateur theologian, men’s physique competitor, voice mimic, and recovering insurance salesman.

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Planter, life Coach, and a Shaper.

Author of the popular book: The Winning Wife. 


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Christian husband, father, and entrepreneur of a Christian non-profit and a Web Design and Digital Marketing Agency.

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He is a Passionate Soul Winner and Christian Entrepreneurship Specialist

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Alex Miranda

Alex is as passionate on stage, as he is empathetic towards Christian business owners and entrepreneurs in general.

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Anamaria’s passion is to impact the community through what she does and how she has been blessed to share her gifts.

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Muthoni Waigwa is known to be a thoughtful and empathetic leader, a team player, and an avid communicator and public speaker.

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Creator of Business Success blog, he is presently a serving Pastor at Christ The Cornerstone Bible Church, Lagos Nigeria.

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With 25+ years in the people industry and about 20 years in various forms of church leadership, Kelly helps others become their best selves in Christ and life.

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