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Opportunities to Sell, Even in a Jail Cell

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

I go to the driving range often to work on my golf swing. One time there was a man who would talk to anyone that would practice next to him. Age didn’t matter, as long as you had a heartbeat, he’d figure out a way to strike a conversation.

At some point, he’ll ask you “so what do you do for a living?” After probing a bit, a few more qualifying questions, he’d hit you with the “You want to make some money?” Turns out he’s in the financial field and he recruits people to sell life insurance, etc.

While others might think that this tactic is predatory and won’t work, I believe the opposite is true. This man’s job is to help others either gain financial control or help others with their financial life. He uses any and every opportunity brought to him to exercise his work. I applaud him for that.

I believe the opportunity is all around us. The problem is that WE are not all around us. What I mean is that our spirit within us is there, but the radar that we’re supposed to turn on that receives opportunity from God is not turned on. We think going to play golf is a time to ‘disconnect’.

We all have places we disconnect, times that we go on vacation, and moments where we don’t feel it’s appropriate to ‘sell’.

I don’t think we call the shots. I believe the opportunity is always knocking. And God will use whatever situation we’re in for His work to be done.

In Acts 16, Paul and Silas find themselves in jail over their passion for Christ. While in jail, the opportunity for preaching the gospel came up and they seized the moment. They could have been bitter, angry, frustrated, and cursed the jail guards. Instead, they sang and prayed, and God literally opened the jail cell so they could “sell” the guard on the life-changing word of Jesus.

You might have your reservations on the word selling. You may have been told it’s a bad thing to sell, or don’t be like the overbearing car salesman. If you’re not selling, your kids will be skinny. If you’re not selling your friends and family on the changed life you have, you’re not doing your duty. If you’re not always attuned to the fact that God wants to bring you blessings anywhere and everywhere, you could miss out on the biggest sales opportunity of your life.

We all go through dry times, where it seems like no opportunities are around. But God is always there, carrying us through the lows of our life, anxious for us to become aware of the opportunities He has set up for us if we just have faith.

Godpreneur Rule #76: Godpreneurs take every human encounter as a possible sales opportunity.

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