Uncovering the Niche Target Market You’re Called to Serve

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

I deeply care when my friends launch businesses. I’ve been through the roller-coaster ride of entrepreneurship, and I know the road they’re about to go down isn’t easy.

Like a father wanting the best for my child, I want to guide my friends to the shortest, easiest way to avoid the pitfalls and deviations that can make the entire venture crash and burn.

I remember a friend of mine paying me to launch his business. A year later, he was back at his 9-5 job. I felt so burdened by that experience. I felt that I hadn’t done everything possible to help him. What if I would have put my foot down and stood by my initial gut feeling that he should NOT launch that business? Did I bypass my intuition because of the money he was paying me?

As I struggled with these thoughts, I realized that I deeply cared about making sure my friends (and clients) launch the business they were BORN to launch. I became obsessed with coming up with a formula to help make sure I never launched another business for someone without knowing this was the path they were called to go down.

What I’ve come to realize is I have a heart for entrepreneurs launching their first purpose-focused business.

We entrepreneurs were all hard-wired with a heart that breaks for a certain group of people out there. This is by design. That’s a huge clue God’s given us to reveal the target market we were called to lead.

Like a Shepard that is herding his flock, we too are called to hear a certain group of people.

If we want to uncover the target market for our businesses, it’s going to come when we realize who the people we’re supposed to be freely helping guide, even without being paid are. Once we can identify this, then the blessings will come to us.

The bible says: