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How to Write Your Testimony Into Your Brand Story

Updated: May 25, 2021

I once served the nightlife, but God rescued me, and now I serve the day life.

I used to think I ran a typical web and graphic design shop, but God gave me an identity, and now I run a branding agency bringing entrepreneur's visions to life.

I used to do branding for anyone and everyone, but God called me to work with purpose-focused entrepreneurs to help bring their message to the world.

God rescued me. God gave me an identity. God called me. And now, I found meaning and purpose in the work that I do.

And I tell prospects this redemption story over and over, and I end with "He wants to do the same for you and your business."

See how it works?

It took me a while to be able to articulate this and write it out. I started including it on my website, in my sales scripts, and even some social media posts. It’s part of my company’s key messaging strategy.

We all have a good testimony to share. Every Godpreneur has a story of redemption - how God is using your business for His glory. We need to outline it, write it out, and commit it to memory.

The Bible says,

"And the Lord answered me: “Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it." (Habakkuk 2:2 ESV)

Many times in scripture, God has someone to write something important down. In this case, God had a big vision that He wanted Habakkuk to write down and deliver it to the people. It’s a message that will impact them at a future time.

In the same way, writing down your business testimony is a vision of the future that God gave you specifically. You need to write down the visions God gives you for your business and be willing to not only take action on them but share them with others as your testimony of faith.

How to Write Your Business Testimony

Every good story has three parts:

  1. A character has a problem:

    1. Business testimony: what problem did you personally have with the way things work in your industry?

    2. Product testimony: what problem does your potential client have?

  2. God comes along to inspire change:

    1. Business testimony: how did God convert your business into a God-first business?

    2. Product testimony: what solution did God inspire you to come up with?

  3. Victory is achieved (transformation):

    1. Business testimony: how is your business now bringing you more joy

    2. Product testimony: how are your products bringing real change in the marketplace, giving you meaning and purpose behind your work?

Once you’ve identified your business and product testimonies, you write them out in one or two sentences.

  • Business Testimony = character + solution + transformation

  • Product Testimony = character + solution + transformation

Your hero journey is the most powerful tool in your bag to sharing the gospel and winning more hearts and minds towards Christ. God will do the transformation in their lives, but He needs you to show and tell.

An acupuncturist who puts God first can say something like, "I used to run a typical acupuncture business. One day I helped a bedridden woman walk again, and it was the best feeling in the world. That's when I knew God gave me Jesus' gift helping people walk again. That's my calling now."

If you notice in the example above, it's such a simple statement. It's noticeable. It's shareable. It's unique. And it will help this acupuncturist authentically grow her business. God will bless her business and continue to bring her more in business because she's walking in obedience and sharing her testimony.

If Jesus redeemed and rescued us in our business, we Christian entrepreneurs must include the story in our brand messaging! We must weave that story into any part of the business we can.

What if we all knew how to tell our "God first" business story and shared Jesus with others during our time with clients? Imagine that!

Here are some questions to help draw your story out.


  1. What's your simple statement like the acupuncturist's "I help bedridden people walk again."

  2. How has Jesus rescued you in the marketplace? What's your "nightlife to day life" story?

  3. Why did you decide to follow Jesus, and how did it impact your business?

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