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The Struggles of Launching a Christian Blog and Personal Brand – My Testimony of @DailyGodpreneur

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

In late 2014, I was making some major changes in my business that left me depressed, broken, and redefining my complete identity.

Since 2005, my company had served the nightclub industry. I had built an agency niche around the nightlife and my personal brand as a “nightlife marketing authority.” I had books, a blog, and I was speaking at events across the United States to help nightclub marketers with ideas on how to pack out their clubs.

Then, Jesus found me in 2008. I started going back to church and discovering this new way of personal development through Christ. It was all so new and exciting for me. It felt like literally being born again…

As exciting as it was for me personally, my ethics and morals were beginning to change and my agency and personal brand were no longer lining up with my new set of values.

I was about to go through one of the biggest public transformations someone can make – from nightclub promoter to follower of Christ.

After years of battling my old and new identity, I made a decision in 2014 that would change my life and the lives of my partners and employees. I shut down the nightlife side of my agency and personal brand to begin to build a new brand.

What was the new brand?

I had no idea. I just knew it wasn’t what I was doing.

Many of us feel in our hearts that there’s an opportunity to share a God-inspired personal message with the business world. As that fire starts to build within us, every day we make choices that are getting us closer to coming out with this personal brand message or continuing to watch others launch theirs while we stay on the sidelines.

What would your business and your life look like if God was using your calling to reach hundreds, thousands, even millions?

I pray for you to receive the spiritual and practical business guidance you need to play out a God-honoring personal brand story you’ll love to share with the world!


7 Steps to Launching Your Christian Personal Brand

There are seven key factors for succeeding at launching the purpose God has placed in your heart for you to fulfill.


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