How to Build a Personal Brand, God's Way

Updated: Jan 30

Alex Miranda, creator of Daily Godpreneur
Example of Christian Business Personal Branding

Personal branding for Christian entrepreneurs is for people unafraid to lead with their faith...for God-first business owners who confidently lead with their faith.

Can a personal brand really excel if we are upfront and obvious about our faith in Jesus Christ?

I believe that this is not only possible, but it's exactly how God designed it to be.

Ever since launching Daily Godpreneur, I've been building a personal brand to help entrepreneurs understand the Bible from a business perspective. I put myself out there as a subject matter expert, not really knowing what that was going to do for my own business as a branding agency.

What's happened since that launch in 2014 has been an amazing transformation of my purpose and calling in business. I've grown as a better leader. I've grown as a better brander. I've grown as a better guide to my clients.

Now, clients seek me out. They want to feed off of me. My work is more authentic and my clients genuinely feel my passion for serving them.

Personal branding as a Christian entrepreneur, especially those looking to serve other Christian business owners, is an incredible responsibility that I believe all of us have the opportunity to create.

There is something so unique about us Christian entrepreneurs who walk with the Holy Spirit. People don’t even have to ask if we are believers, or even wait for us to bring it up. People just know.

We have the opportunity to bring this sense of peace within the presence of our personal brand! Our personal brands can generate and radiate a sense of positivity from being forthright about our faith in Jesus.

The Bible says

"Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit." (Galatians 5:25 NIV)