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The Best Way to Sell is Not to Sell

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

Selling has got a new approach.

However, the best way to get people to buy your product or service is to stop selling it to them. Yeah, I mean, stop selling it. My position seems controversial, but that's the most rewarding approach to building a successful and profitable business. I am not campaigning against profit-making in business - I like profit, and I guess you do. I'm simply provoking thoughts to shift our traditional methodology, which has not profited us maximally. Business people can sell more by not selling.

Our everyday target has always been to sell and our day seems not made until we sell; we just sell anything because we are interested in making money by any possible means. We often go this way: "Here's a very nice product that can do this or that, so buy it.” This could sometimes be offensive to the target customer. It's good to make money, though, but this traditional method is not sustainable in the long run. A superior approach would instead yield better results than currently enjoyed. We can sell more by not selling our products.

Someone said, "The best way to sell something is not to sell it.” No sane person part with his money until he sees value in exchange. What people buy is value. They are not interested in the product of your package but the value of the content. You should provide value (I call it "customized value") in such a way to make people think that buying your product was their idea. So, merely telling people how good your product is, does not make sales. Rather than selling, focus on problem-solving.

Jim Rohn said, "We get paid for bringing value to the marketplace. It takes time to bring value, but we don't get paid for the time". Money flows in the direction of value. We get paid when we present value in exchange for people's needs. No business thrives on mediocrity, so building a successful business requires focusing on value to attract money. This takes time and effort, but ironically, we are not paid for those but the value.

Jesus said,

"It is more blessed to give than to receive" (Acts 20:35).

This is our (God’s) Kingdom principle. Receiving money is a blessing, but not a higher blessing. You are blessed when giving value. It's not just God bless you; the people will also bless you, in addition to the blessing of money.

Dear God's entrepreneur, I have just shown you the simpler, better, and unfailing method to succeed in business. If you intentionally put this to work, you would succeed in what you have chosen to do. Create value, Present value, Discuss value, Negotiate value, and Price value. That's the way to sell. Going forward, do not negotiate the price with your potential buyers; instead, negotiate value. Sell value and not the product. You can be assured that you cannot be out of business selling value.

We can change the business landscape by changing our age-long approach to selling. Imagine how happy and satisfied people would be when they are served value instead of anything else. We can approach everything we do with the mindset of value.

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Great read with good insights. Create a product/service that is a solution to a problem and you won't have to look for clients. Rather, they will look for you.


Great to read your perspective!


Alex Miranda
Alex Miranda
Oct 13, 2021

Great work Richard!

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