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  • How Money Mindset Can Ruin Entrepreneur’s Business

    At every point, the Kingdom's purpose must be served. So, our money mindset in business should be that of purpose-driven contentment. Suppose your primary purpose or motivation for going into business is to make money. You will also not be able to serve God’s purpose for calling you. Your focus should be to offer purpose-driven services.

  • The 7 Habits: Godpreneurs Put First Things First

    Then, once you know your God-given purpose, you create a personal mission statement based on Biblical like a project does, but help us achieve our goals, as well as our overall mission and calling as a purpose-focused These important personal development tasks involve spirituality, health, relationships, and business purpose This will make sure you're always checking in with your purpose. Do this habitually for the rest of your entrepreneurial journey, and it will keep you in your purpose

  • Feeling Unproductive? Start Every Day with This Powerful Secret!

    A way that doesn’t just manage time but redeems it for God-first purposes? Imagine a community of Godpreneurs who start their days in God’s Word, aligning their purposes with His This principle isn’t just about avoiding being swamped by busyness but about being purposefully productive

  • Identify Your God-first Personal Brand With These 6 Steps

    In his book, The Purpose Driven Life, Rick Warren explains that we must first understand God's purposes for us to find our purpose. Our purpose will derive from one of God's purposes for humanity. The flow starts by first understanding that we are conduits of God's purposes. Pleasure (entertain others) Purpose #2: You Were Formed for God's Family (build communities) Purpose

  • Big Goals and Dreams Come With Entrepreneurship. Here's What Most People Don't Know About God's Part

    Behind one lies your destiny and a business of purpose-focused profits. the question becomes: what mindset shift do entrepreneurs need to make to always choose passion and purpose If you want passion and purpose in your business life - if you want to defeat depression - then get in

  • Want to Be Successful? God Wants You to Focus on One Thing.

    My lack of commitment to one industry, one service, one plan, one purpose, and one vision ultimately It’s going to take a commitment on your part to be one way, move in one direction, with one purpose.

  • Jesus Knew Best: Why Silence Is Your Secret Weapon in Business!

    He knew that to fulfill His purpose, He needed these moments of silence to pray and listen to His Father Whatever it is, make the pursuit of silent sanctuaries a deliberate part of your strategy to be more purposeful

  • Stop Rushing! Uncover Jesus’ Secret to Stress-Free Productivity

    11 when he goes to Jerusalem as its new King, Jesus demonstrated a remarkable sense of control and purpose actions weren't dictated by the pressing crowds or endless tasks but by a deeper sense of timing and purpose

  • 4 LinkedIn Connections Types Christian Entrepreneurs Must Pay Attention To

    self-worth, subtracts from the happiness of being in your calling, and divides the effectiveness of your purpose-focused Those who do not increase your calling inevitably will decrease your purpose.

  • A Fresh Start: A Month of Devotions for Bringing God Into Your Business

    Entrepreneurship on Purpose Take 3 days to focus on your calling.

  • Successful CEOs: God Multiplies Your Growth Through Personal Branding

    This is the most fundamental and enduring purpose behind being in a successful leadership position. It's God using His likeness through you to advance His purposes. My one word is purpose. It's all about stepping into your purposed-focused calling. This is the life purpose we're talking about here.

  • How to Align Your Business with Your Niche Calling

    A foundation has integrity when its purpose, its design, its build, and its use are aligned. it must actually be used toward that purpose. He has designed and built us for a specific purpose in entrepreneurship. Therefore, your purpose, your design, and the way you were built will always align. a Niche for your Business, join Alex Miranda as he guides you to launch a brand with intention and purpose

  • Seven Prayers For The Entrepreneurial Men Of The Church

    all stand in prayer for marketplace ministers, telling God that these men matter to us, they have a purpose Let's pray for: Purpose Direction Humility Wisdom Strength Provision Love SEVEN PRAYERS Before beginning If it’s your husband, father, or brother, for example, then just focus on him. 1) PRAYER FOR PURPOSE God, your word says that many are the purposes of a man’s heart, but it is the Lord’s will that stands May they understand that their true worth, completeness, and the purpose of their business life can only

  • 7 Steps to Launching Your Christian Personal Brand

    There are seven key factors for succeeding at launching the purpose God has placed in your heart for There are seven key factors for succeeding at launching the purpose God has placed in your heart for

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