Seven Prayers For The Entrepreneurial Men Of The Church

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

I've noticed that much of the focus about praying for men often focus on helping me be a better husband and father.

There's a lot of praying for us as a protector and provider at home, but we can go a step further for the men leading God-First businesses.

We all know a father, brother, son, cousin, friend, client, vendor, pastor, and other men that are kingdom-building in the marketplace right now.

Praying for the ‘businessmen’ in our lives can be such an enriching experience. This way, we are taking a positive step towards their spiritual well-being, which is tied to their feeling of success and accomplishment.

We can all stand in prayer for marketplace ministers, telling God that these men matter to us, they have a purpose, and we want the best for their businesses. Praying for these men can rain down God’s mercy and grace over their entrepreneurial journey.


Businessmen face many problems. We are burdened by societal expectations and pressures to provide.

From little boys, men have been taught many unhealthy things about what it means to be a ‘man’ and how they should live their lives.

No matter what trauma or bad parenting, men who are not experiencing life in the truth of what God says about them will have struggling businesses and often fail as entrepreneurs under the burden of conformity.

Personally speaking, the expectations that fuel shame for me are rooted in childhood trauma and fed based on society's perception of a successful man of business – what should an accomplished man be, look like and act like.