A Prayer For Business

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

A little over a month ago, I was recovering from some mild burnout, and somewhere in there, the call in my spirit to change my approach to business came welling up out of me. Since then, I have been pursuing Kingdom engagement daily in my approach to everything I do at my desk. I somehow stumbled on a Daily Godpreneur Devotional Plan, and that is how my road here started.

The prayer I wrote below is what I pray every time I sit down at my desk to work, ensuring all of me is aligned and submitted to hear God’s voice amid the goals, the customer reach-outs, the strategizing, team-leading, etc.

You will notice a space for you to insert your name near the end, so when I say this for me, I say, Kelly Bat Yahweh, which means Kelly Daughter of Yahweh. If you are a male, you would say, Alex Ben Yahweh, for example.

Be blessed today in whose you are and as you go about your work on behalf of His Kingdom. I invite you to pray this with me:

Father, I come to you in the precious name of Your Son Jesus and thank you, Jesus, for your blood that allows me to come boldly before the Father’s Throne of Grace. Father, I thank you that you hear me and that I am welcomed. I thank you for making me in your image I and praise you for the purpose and destiny that You have imbedded in my DNA and my spirit; I call it forth now and choose to step into it at this moment.

Father, I humble myself and put you in the highest place - above the abilities and strengths inside of me. I recognize my need for you and declare with humility that apart from you blessed Father, Lord Jesus, and Holy Spirit; I can do nothing. I turn away from the systems of this world that would compete for first place and dictate how to operate. You said in Your Word that we are to be in this world but not of it - so I sever all ties to the wisdom of this world with the Sword of the Lord and apply the blood of Jesus to this faulty and anti-Christ system. I set myself to honor Your Word and choose the wisdom of Heaven for all my business-related actions.

I repent and turn away from the idolatry and gods of this world - social media, fear, and Mammon - that dictate how my business will flourish. I declare that my success is not tied to algorithms or systems of this world. I align my soul and spirit to the spirit of God, and I thank you that in James You say that if anyone lacks wisdom, you will give it generously when we ask. So, Father, I ask for fresh wisdom from Heaven and thank you that in John 3:27 you say that a man can receive nothing unless it has been given him from heaven, so I open my hands, soul, and spirit to receive this perfect gift from above.

Father, I thank you and ask for a fresh strategy from your kingdom and government to operate with success, love, and productivity. Thank you, Father, that you provide my every need. I declare that I turn from my abilities to you as my Provider. I humble myself and ask for your forgiveness for where I have set myself above you as the provider. I turn to you J