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How Money Mindset Can Ruin Entrepreneur’s Business

Updated: May 9, 2021

Until the past few years, my thoughts had been that the only reason to go into business is to make money. That sounds good anyway and represents the mindset of many business people. I went into business with that mindset. After all, one should make a living. So, when I set out, it was to make money and not help people solve their problems. Now I understand better and know better. I have the right entrepreneur’s mindset now.

On one fateful day, I visited the market to procure some production inputs. My Client wanted samples of the materials, so they could decide what goes for them. I, therefore, requested my customer to cut out half the yard of each material for the production of samples. As a regular customer, I told her I would not pay for the samples, but she insisted I must. I made a case that she stands to gain a lot when my Client places an order. Out of compulsion, she agreed to give the samples for free, though with an evident feeling that she has lost some money.

A week later, my Client placed an order for 4,000 units of the product. The implication of this was that I would buy materials worth about USD 3,000. This was just one order in the series. The woman couldn’t see ahead, even though I told her, because money had blinded her foresight. She could only see the loss of about USD 3.0 for the samples. Indeed, it was the mindset and not the amount of money.

We still have many people in business today without the right biblical entrepreneurial mindset, just a money mindset. Unconsciously, we sometimes walk into this moment because we seek to make a living or a fortune rather than seek to help people and please God. This has to change.

The Bible says,

“Whoever loves money will never be satisfied with money. Whoever loves wealth will never be satisfied with income. Even this is pointless” Ecclesiastes 5:10 GW.

This scripture indicates that people are more money-minded in business because of the love of it. The Bible does not condemn seeking money as a return on investment. The priority is the issue. One’s business attitude about money is the crux of the matter. Some godly acts should precede money and profit. The writer of the book of Ecclesiastes also says, “Cast your bread upon the waters, for you will find it after many days” {Ecclesiastes 11:1 Amp}. In business, there are things to let go of for future rewards. The outcome of my story above is a practical example. Rigidity in all aspects of Christian business pays less. At every point, the Kingdom's purpose must be served. So, our money mindset in business should be that of purpose-driven contentment.

Suppose your primary purpose or motivation for going into business is to make money. In that case, you are not an entrepreneur but a businessman, and you will never be satisfied with money or more money. You will also not be able to serve God’s purpose for calling you. It is a limiting attitude to be overly money-minded. Your focus should be to offer purpose-driven services. Money then comes as a reward you receive by putting in efforts to help people meet their needs. See yourself as God’s instrument in bringing assistance to His creation. Desist from seeing money in everything. It can deny you good opportunities, relationships, and finally, ruin your business. Change your mindset as I did.

We can all have a singular mindset in business, despite our individual calling into Christian entrepreneurship. The world will be happier with our emergence as God-centered entrepreneurs because it cannot give itself what we have

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1 Comment

Alex Miranda
Alex Miranda
May 04, 2021

Your writing has gotten much better, Richard! Proud of you!

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