Successful CEOs: God Multiplies Your Growth Through Personal Branding

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Did you build a God-first business? Did you bring Christian values into the business's systems, processes, methodologies, and operations? Then you might want to consider building a personal brand around the successful business you've created. God wants to use leaders like you to influence others.

Let's explore what successful Christian CEOs need to know about building a God-First personal brand.

In this post, I share why even the busiest CEOs should care about building a personal brand, using the Born to Do Method to develop your own personal brand, and more!

Why Christian CEOs Should Care About Building a Personal Brand

People do business with people, not companies. They do business with the visionary CEO they like, know, and trust. God designed it this way because He desires relationships built on trust and mutual connections. This keeps the good guys moving up, and the bad guys get eliminated. It's in our DNA to fellowship and connect with others because God wants to use us to be His witness to others. This is why human connection creates customer loyalty and employee endearment beyond any relationship a company could ever reach. We're designed to have strong bonds with one another.

Notice that the big God-first companies have personalities that drive that brand's mission. Wendy's had Dave Thomas, Walmart had Sam Walton, and Chick-fil-A had S. Truett Cathy.

In your company, that persona is you. And God wants to use your public persona (or personal brand) to share how His influence in your life was the secret sauce to your company's growth and success.

Personal Branding and God-First Leadership

God put people in leadership positions to influence their follower's thinking. This is the most fundamental and enduring purpose behind being in a successful leadership position.

The Bible says

Moreover, look for able men from all the people, men who fear God, who are trustworthy and hate a bribe, and place such men over the people as chiefs of thousands, of hundreds, of the fifties, and of tens. (Exodus 18:21)

For thousands of years, God-fearing people have been entrusted with leading. They would be men of good sense and that understood business.

Back in those days, leading was delegated by kings and rulers. These days, avenues exist for anyone led by the holy spirit to do personal branding, giving God an outlet to influence people’s thinking through us.

We can influence employees, clients, prospects, vendors, contractors, stakeholders, partners, and even competitors in our marketplaces!

Our personal brand is a tremendous asset that God uses to grow our companies both publicly and internally as successful CEOs. Even a podcast, which is typically externally focused, can influence a company's internal culture. Imagine employees that don't regularly encounter the CEO now listening to their leader on a podcast, watching a video series, reading their book or blog posts. You may never meet your employees at the cash register, but they find out exactly what you believe in through your personal brand.

Whether you have thousands of employees or only a handful of clients, God wants you to share your inspired thoughts in public. If not you, who? You were the one given the unique methodology. People will listen and find value in what God wants to say and do through you. This human connectable importance is what God longs for. The blessing comes as more opportunities for your company. That's a fact!

As the owner, founder, and CEO of a successful Kingdom-first venture, God wants to use your personal brand to activate, utilize, and maximize every available asset you allow to advance His purposes through your company's mission. Able

A Personal Brand is a Relationship Ecosystem

Nothing can replace having coffee one-on-one with someone and getting to know them. However, with all of the digital assets available to us, we have an amazing opportunity to create one-way human interactions that can be multiplied and scaled.

The Bible says

And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation. (Mark 16:15)

When you see people starting a speaking career, it's because they have a calling inside to share with the world. Those speakers share such great stories that we feel like we intimately know them. They share their "real" struggles and victories over podcasts and blog posts.

And although we've never met these guys, we know an incredible amount of information about them. We feel a bond with them. And then we become evangelists of that person's message...a message that took them deciding to start personally branding themselves so that God could use them to spread the Word.

You're building a relationship ecosystem when you start sharing your message across various platforms. It's about building an engine that operates 24/7 across different media and environments. Every part of your personal brand that you develop is tied to the overall goal of inspiring others with what God has uniquely shown you. You're creating touchpoints and opportunities for some