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Big Goals and Dreams Come With Entrepreneurship. Here's What Most People Don't Know About God's Part

Godpreneurs, when you crawl out from underneath the covers every Monday morning and you sit on the edge of the bed, you have a choice to make for that week. There are two doors and there are thundering knocks at each one of them. Behind one lies your destiny and a business of purpose-focused profits. Behind the other lies the death of an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs, if you don't engage intensity or passion in your business, then you aren’t living your business life to its fullest. You'll wake up and sit there with your head and your shoulders slumped over and your chest caved in, dreading having to start the week. If you can't wake up with your chest and your chin straight out, and if you can't summon up the energy, the excitement, or the enthusiasm for something your business, every workweek will be a drag to wake up to. So, the question becomes: what mindset shift do entrepreneurs need to make to always choose passion and purpose over dread and depression? It's a simple, yet profound concept. You Plant, God Brings the Miracle God says if you plant the seed, I’ll make the tree. You can’t have a better arrangement than that! It's about giving God the tough end of the deal. What if I told you to go make a tree? Not go plant a tree. No. Go MAKE a tree. That would keep you up late at night trying to figure out. How do you make a tree? God says “No! Live the miracle part to me. I made the seed, the soil, the sunshine, the rain and the miracle of the seasons, and I’m God and I can do all this miraculous stuff. I just have reserved something very special for you." And that’s what? Plant. That’s it! Godpreneurs, we get the best part of the deal. We just need to follow God's instructions and we get to witness miracles in our businesses. God wouldn't tell you to go build a business empire. He's not going to instruct you to go create a multi-million dollar business. Maybe your mind is telling you that this is what success looks like. Not God. God's instructions sound more like, "Alex, go and solve this one problem for someone. I'll give you the strength and wisdom, I just need you to listen and do this one thing." God gave us entrepreneurs the power to plant seeds. And if you want to see the miracle of a fruit-bearing business, you have to DO the things God has commanded you to do. If that’s to launch a new product, then launch. If it´s to read a leadership book he's put on your heart, then read. If it's to pivot to a new industry, then pivot. If it´s to study a new technique, then study. If it’s to get your hands dirty and work, then work. Whatever you feel the holy spirit moving you to do, then do. The holy spirit won't prompt you to do something tomorrow. Your brain does. Not the holy spirit. The spirit works in the NOW. If you want passion and purpose in your business life - if you want to defeat depression - then get in the seed planting business and expect the miracle of God throughout your entrepreneurial journey. Godpreneurs do labor that works miracles! When a seed is planted in the ground you can't control the sunshine, you can't control the weather, and you can't control when the locusts will come and try to destroy the crops. All you can do is plant your seed in the ground and believe. God himself has to give the increase. Only God can make the sun shine. Only God can bring the rain. If you keep planting seeds, and continue pursuing your dreams, then you´ve done your part. Every morning, do your part. That's how you overcome daily discouragement and step into persistent passion.

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