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A Fresh Start: A Month of Devotions for Bringing God Into Your Business

If you've ever felt the weight of running a business on your shoulders, it's time for a fresh start. Imagine spending the next 30 days bringing God into the core of your entrepreneurship.

This is what the first stage in the "Path to Godpreneurship": Awareness.

Start your journey with a 9-day business Bible study aimed at cultivating a God-first mindset in your business. Understand what it means to not only serve your customers but serve God through your business. Lay the foundational mindset that sets the tone for the rest of your Godpreneur journey.

Take 3 days to focus on your calling. Understand how your business can make an eternal impact and glorify God. Discover what you were meant to solve in your marketplace and align it with your spirituality.

Inspired by Jesus's teachings, these 8 steps will guide you towards achieving greatness by learning about humble dependence on God. Trust that God's design will bring in the opportunities you seek.

Confront the 8 lies that keep many Godpreneurs bogged down in feelings of inadequacy. Identify these lies and combat them with 8 empowering truths to keep you going.

A strong foundation is key to any partnership. Learn how to build one that will equip you to run an extraordinary business with your partners, keeping God at the center.


Are You Ready to Journey?

Each stage in "The Path to Godpreneurship" is a transformational journey designed to build a successful business aligned with Christian principles. If you've found value in this devotion-focused start, consider taking the entire path. From developing a God-first mindset in the Awareness stage to scaling your business in the Expand stage, it's a transformative journey you won't want to miss. Check out Godpreneur Academy to learn more and consider joining today.

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