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  • A Prayer for Godpreneurs in 2024: Pursuing Purpose and Contentment

    The Lord is calling us into the world of entrepreneurship for a great purpose in 2024! So, as I embark on this entrepreneurial journey in 2024, I hold fast to Your promises, Your purpose, Let it be a source of inspiration, a reminder of your purpose, and a call to seek contentment in God

  • Purpose without Faith

    Purpose and Faith both have their meaning independently from one another. However, knowing my purpose without exercising my Faith, I found it useless. It was not until my second attempt to fulfill my purpose in my strength and under my own rules that I I’ve learned as I practice patience and letting go of my control, to trust in God to fulfill His purpose Where is he asking you to have faith so that he can clear the way for you to walk in your purpose?

  • Entrepreneurship on Purpose

    COURSE HERE Understanding your purpose in business and life will draw you closer to what God is calling When we uncover our calling, we get aligned with His purpose here on earth. God has a unique purpose for us, that is connected with His eternal nature.

  • Prayer for Discovering Your Purpose in Entrepreneurship

    It could be because you can’t understand or see God's purpose or plan for you and your entrepreneurial The Bible says “I cry out to God Most High, to God who fulfills his purpose for me.” God has numbered the days of your business and will fulfill every purpose He has for you. Start by praying this prayer for understanding God's purpose and plans for your entrepreneurial walk. my business when I can’t see evidence of all that you’re doing – when I can’t understand or see your purpose

  • Using Wealth and Influence for the Real Purpose

    The ignorance of the purpose of wealth could be responsible for these. Acquisition of wealth is a means to a godly purpose. Let’s consider a Biblical example of one man that used his wealth and influence for a real purpose. He said, “Also, let grain from the bundles fall purposely for her; leave it that she may glean and do

  • The Only Thing You Brought to This World is Purpose

    A number of people are in a business void of purpose. Some others are running other people’s purposes. The purpose is our gift to our world. The purpose is the primary reason for business. Can purpose be found in your business? The purpose will help structure your business.

  • Finding Purpose In Your Business Partnership

    COURSE HERE Finding meaning and purpose in life is one of the most basic human needs that we all desire a business partnership, God has some fundamental lessons he wants you to discover so you can run a purpose-focused

  • Your Purpose in Business Will be Forever

    One clue God uses to show us our purpose in business is that His vision for our business life will always This is the reason why you can tap into the power of eternal thought to your business purpose today.  

  • Finding Your Purpose in Business

    Finding your purpose in business isn’t a mystery. COURSE HERE Finding your purpose in business isn’t a mystery. All of us Godpreneurs struggle with purpose and meaning in our business lives, and we spend a lot of out the called and to show you how your business, regardless of industry, service or product, has a purpose

  • How Do I Find My Purpose In Business and Life? [6 Keys]

    The REAL problem is you haven't found your "purpose" in business yet. The greatest tragedy in business is an entrepreneur without a purpose. The greatest tragedy in business is an entrepreneur without a purpose. Business isn’t about using God for your purposes; it’s about God using your business for His purpose. God has a lifetime of purpose stored up for you and me. 6) HOW TO FIND YOUR UNIQUE PURPOSE Thank God

  • How to Create a Purposed-Focused Business Partnership

    , my own purpose, and the business’s purpose?” God’s power and purpose for our business partnerships are magnificent. in our business, amazing purpose-focused business happens. Take a moment to ask yourself: Do I live problem-focused or purpose-focused in my business partnership and equipped you with everything you need to fulfill your business partnership purpose.

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