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Your Purpose in Business will Bear Fruit

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

When I first started my branding agency in 2005, our clientele was primarily nightclubs, bars, and strip clubs. Our services would help them attract more patrons to their establishments.

But when I became a Godpreneur, I let those clients go because I was contributing to the bad fruit that those businesses produce on a nightly basis.

So then I switched to helping any entrepreneurs launch their businesses. As long as the business wasn’t in direct competition with God’s plans, I took on the work.

But as I became more “purpose-focused” with my company, I didn’t settle with just launching someone’s idea. I wanted more. I wanted to make sure the entrepreneur was starting the business that God created them to start.

What was happening to me as I drew closer to God in my business?

I was beginning to care more about the fruit that my business and the business of those I launched was born into the world.

That’s when I knew I was 100% in my calling. This is when I felt my business had found its purpose.

When we start our businesses, we aren’t immediately operating in our calling. But if we stay in the Word and keep drawing closer to God, the business will shift into its purpose – God’s purpose!

On this journey of leading a God-first business, we Christian entrepreneurs are all in this process of growing, discovering, and learning. But every day our businesses aren’t doing something for the Kingdom is a day we’ve wasted in the marketplace.

The Bible says: 

“You didn’t choose me, remember; I chose you, and put you in the world to bear fruit, fruit that won’t spoil. As fruit bearers, whatever you ask the Father in relation to me, he gives you."(John 15:16 MSG)

The fruit produced from seeds of dreams that God inspires will always bring Him glory and others in your business good.

As you think about your calling in business and why it matters to you, look for ways your purpose-focused business will impact and improve the lives of your employees, vendors, contractors, prospects, clients, and might I challenge you by saying, competitors.

So how can we identify the products and services that will increase our impact in the marketplace and carry out the dreams God put on our hearts?

The first step is to analyze what motivates us.

What motivates, God, duplicates! God wants to double, triple, even 10x our ability to bear a fruit because that’s what our businesses are here to do!. Is what you spend the bulk of your talents, time, and treasures on in your business worthy of being worked on in the image of God?

No? Drop it. 

YES? Double down on it in 2020.

The second step is to analyze if your products and services are going to be rewarded when we get to heaven or will we be embarrassed? When we analyze what we’re doing from an eternal perspective, it has us thinking twice about our calling.

Now that we’ve done some critical thinking about our purpose in business in light of God’s purpose, now the third step is to make a list of things we need to change so we can leverage our products, people, and profits for the glory of God and the benefit of our designated marketplace.

Uncovering our calling in business is all about merging (or intersecting) our desires and dreams with God’s purpose for the world.

Imagine a world where all of us Christian entrepreneurs are living out a calling in business that bears fruit as John 15:16 says! 

We can often look at the products, people, and profits of a business to identify where God is working and how He has created that entrepreneur to live out the dream He has placed within him.

Look no further than @ChickfilA if you want to see a real-life success story of a Godpreneur bearing much fruit, even after he’s gone from the business.


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