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What’s My Purpose in Business?

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

What on Earth is my business here for?

This was a question I struggled with for a while back in 2014.  Back then, my identity was all wrapped up in being the owner of an agency that serviced nightclubs with websites, graphic design, and marketing.

Although the industry is exciting and ever-changing, deep inside I felt no “purpose” behind the work I did.  Sure, I was making money and feeding the families of my employees, but that wasn’t enough.

In November of 2014, I made the scariest decision of my life and fired all of my clients and let go of all of my employees to start over on a new road that would fulfill my desire to find meaning and purpose behind my business.

It was in the state of nothingness where God was able to reveal to me why on Earth I was created to be an entrepreneur.

We do not all have the same abilities, businesses, or circumstances. But we do all have the privilege of deciding the purpose to which we will dedicate ourselves. There are only three big decisions that most of us entrepreneurs will ever make in life

  1. Who is my business going to serve?

  2. What product or service am I going to provide?

  3. What is my business going to exist for?

It’s that third decision that seems to stump most of us, business owners. I had the first two solid and established.  I was missing the third.

For 3 months of my life, I lived in depression and agony as I scrambled for money and meaning.  I turned to God and established a deeper relationship than I had ever had before, seeking wisdom in this area as if looking for water in the desert.

In my bible reading, referring to wisdom, I read

“Let all who are simple come to my house!” To those who have no sense she says,  “Come, eat my food and drink the wine I have mixed.  Leave your simple ways and you will live; walk in the way of insight.” Proverbs 9:4‭-‬6 NIV

As I sought God and looked to restart my company, I looked back at all the work I had done and tried to find the clients and work that had given me the most joy and fulfillment.  In my reflection, I realized that I loved helping people discover the entrepreneur within them and help them launch that business.  I also loved helping guide existing business owners towards recreating their business with a new sense of passion behind it, helping them identify their business’s purpose.

At that point, I realized I have become my own client, and I was really the one going through the rebranding.

That’s when my company officially switched to being a branding agency.

I determined right then and there that I would ask God to help others find a purpose in their business that could live for each day. This new sense of “working for God” wakes me up every morning and I thank God for letting me be alive.

Have you found a worthwhile purpose in your business? Success for an entrepreneur has been defined as “the progressive realization of a worthwhile, predetermined goal.” Establish a handful of worthy goals in your business and give yourself fully to accomplishing them. In establishing your business purposes, start with your relationship with God, your family, and at work with clients and employees. These top three areas of your life need the most urgent attention.

What are you living your business life for?

Godpreneur Rule: Settle on your business’s purpose and set out to accomplish it each day.


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