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The Only Thing You Brought to This World is Purpose

One of the major challenges Christian entrepreneurs face is, aligning purpose with their businesses. A number of people are in a business void of purpose. Some others are running other people’s purposes. A lot more are being deceived by their thought pattern with regards to business. These can only leave much to be desired in the Kingdom business.

The purpose is divine and the reason for being. However, it’s one of the most abused life concepts. Failure is; making money from business and not making a purpose out of it. A Christian entrepreneur is a man or woman on a purpose mission. On the other hand, entrepreneurship is simply a purposeful pursuit. If one is ever called to business, it is because some divine purposes must be fulfilled somewhere.

Defining and aligning purpose in business are common challenges we encounter in business. Some have overcome it, while some are on it now. Sometimes, we seem not to find where purpose lies in our businesses. It is not strange that we can step into business without figuring out why we are called on to it. We all came into this world empty; no possession, no knowledge, no skills, no professionalism. However, each of us brought into this world, the most valuable thing - we brought purpose.

The purpose is our gift to our world. The purpose is the primary reason for business. In this purpose lies the help, solution, comfort, wealth, and the relief the world had been waiting for. So, our coming is a response to the craving of God’s creation for what is in us. Jesus said;

“I was born and I came into the world for only one purpose. I came to tell people what is true” (John 18:37 Easy English).

Like every human, Jesus came with a purpose into the world. Jesus was born for one purpose – ‘to tell people what is true. He was focused on this purpose in doing the business of the Kingdom. When Jesus finally left the world, He left with no purpose because it is not needed in Heaven.

Job declared;

“We bring nothing at birth; we take nothing with us at death” (Job 1:21 CEV).

The joy in departing this world is in dying empty. Purposes are only relevant here.

What on earth are you here for, doing business? Find out. Can you boldly define and declare it? Can purpose be found in your business? You can still be the long-awaited solution if you make up your mind. See, there are definite roles that purpose will play in your business if you dare follow yours. The purpose will help structure your business. The purpose will help define your business to conform to what God wants and not what you want. The purpose will help clarify the things that cannot change about your business, regardless of any circumstance. You are called upon today, as a Christian entrepreneur, to do purpose and not just business. You cannot be said to be successful in business unless you have fulfilled your purpose.

Obviously, the world is groaning in pains for want of purpose-driven kingdom businesses. Oh, how glorious and great relief it will be if we all fulfill our individual purposes in business. We can all determine to die and fulfill the pleasures of God, who has called us to impact our world through business.

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