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  • Profitable Christian Connections on LinkedIn

    My mom's not on LinkedIn, but there are a few connections I have that encourage me and keep me focused on producing great content and continuing to engage on LinkedIn. Connections on LinkedIn can bring you up or take you down, so surround yourself with other Christians I formed a Christian Entrepreneur's group (Godpreneur group) on LinkedIn. To read more articles on LinkedIn, click here. #AttractingRightClients

  • How to Pray for Your Connections on LinkedIn

    It's the easiest way to develop a relationship with someone, yet it is so underutilized on LinkedIn. James 5:16) If you're going to put yourself out there as a prayer warrior for other business people on LinkedIn Consistently asking to pray for others on LinkedIn changes the priorities of our reason for spending To read more articles on LinkedIn, click here. #AttractingRightClients

  • Make the Most Impact on LinkedIn With This Strategy

    Therefore, a business owner's biggest opportunity on LinkedIn is building relationships with prospects This is our opportunity to do God's work in the LinkedIn marketplace. (Galatians 6:1 NIV) If you want to develop strong relationships on LinkedIn, find someone to help. We Christian entrepreneurs will make the most impact on LinkedIn when we see the social media network To read more articles on LinkedIn, click here. #AttractingRightClients

  • Using LinkedIn to Restore Business Relationships

    Enter: LinkedIn The reality is that relationships die through neglect. LinkedIn gives us the opportunity to restore once-thriving relationships through a relatively easy communication (Hebrews 4:12) You can use LinkedIn to restore business relationships you haven't done business with Godpreneurs have to be the ones to bring relationships with past clients into right standing again, and LinkedIn To read more articles on LinkedIn, click here. #AttractingRightClients

  • How Would Jesus Approach LinkedIn?

    Some of my most successful clients had a terrible LinkedIn presence when I first started working with I wouldn't have known that their company was ultra-successful because their LinkedIn made it seem like We can't judge someone on LinkedIn solely on their profile (or lack of profile) because we might be missing Great relationships develop on LinkedIn when choosing to approach the community with love and grace ( To read more articles on LinkedIn, click here. #AttractingRightClients #RelationshipBuilding

  • How Christians Develop Rewarding Connections on LinkedIn

    A perfect stranger reached out to me on LinkedIn because she Googled something about Christian entrepreneurship Our level of effectiveness on LinkedIn (and in any business relationship) is directly proportional to As you navigate LinkedIn and interact with those around you, remind yourself that each person you meet To read more articles on LinkedIn, click here. #AttractingRightClients

  • How Christian Entrepreneurs Build Trust on LinkedIn

    Sometimes someone will reach out to me on LinkedIn because I announce that I'm available for discovery Great relationships on LinkedIn have integrity. Integrity in our business friendships on LinkedIn is critical because it is the foundation upon which To read more articles on LinkedIn, click here. #AttractingRightClients

  • Expanding Your LinkedIn Network, God’s Way

    One of my favorite tricks on LinkedIn is to thank a random person for their wisdom. LinkedIn should be treated like school - we can learn by listening and asking questions. People that are active on LinkedIn are a tremendous resource because most people treat LinkedIn the same you're trying to connect with, therefore helping you reach your goal of growing your business through LinkedIn To read more articles on LinkedIn, click here. #AttractingRightClients

  • The Most Powerful Tool Christians Have to Building Relationships on LinkedIn

    LinkedIn has a built-in notification that lets me know when it's someone's work anniversary or if they As you grow your influence on LinkedIn, you need good people in your network, and you need to be a good Our LinkedIn relationships should not be a stressful part of our day. giving celebrations is the most underutilized, most powerful secret sauce to building relationships on LinkedIn To read more articles on LinkedIn, click here. #AttractingRightClients

  • 4 LinkedIn Connections Types Christian Entrepreneurs Must Pay Attention To

    There are certain people I don't want to be associated with on LinkedIn. connections that multiply our joy for business are easy to identify (hopefully me → Daily Godpreneur on LinkedIn happiness of being in your calling, and divides the effectiveness of your purpose-focused approach to LinkedIn To read more articles on LinkedIn, click here. #AttractingRightClients

  • Networking Is Dead - Christian Entrepreneur Do This Instead

    And networking on LinkedIn feels just as inauthentic.

  • Envying Another Entrepreneur's Success? Here's the Cure.

    How many times have we looked at another entrepreneur's success story on LinkedIn or Instagram and felt

  • Launching Your “Calling” During Quarantine – 10 Tips

    PRO TIP: Jump on LinkedIn and share with the business world what you’re learning. Launch a contest or start a Facebook or LinkedIn group.

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