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Launching Your “Calling” During Quarantine – 10 Tips

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Hi Godpreneurs,

As I connect with more of you on my Twitter and Facebook, it’s obvious this Coronavirus craze has been taking over our entire attention span and resources as business owners. It has turned many of our business plans upside down.

Amonst my own inner circle of Christian business owners, we’ve gone from insecurity to fear, then panic, helplessness, recalibrating, and finally to damage forecasting and praying for this to pass already!

However, if we live in fear, we could miss out on all the BENEFITS that can come from this season of retreat. The biggest one is that, overnight, the entire world went to ONLINE EDUCATION. And now businesses were forced to have a REMOTE working strategy, which was already beneficial even before all of this. Also, many new opportunities for collaborations are popping up as there’s a new sense of urgency to come up with creative solutions to run their businesses.

Even through all the challenges of the Coronavirus, as Christians, we don’t live in the spirit of fear.

The Bible says,

"For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control." (2 Timothy 1:7)

What if God wants to use this time for the business world to rise up to new levels of love and self-control? It seems like overnight, most of us have been given back one of our most valuable resources – time.

What if God wants us to draw closer to him in order to develop better time management habits so we can step closer into the business He created us to do?

Time is a wonderful gift from God if you know how to use it wisely.

I’ve launched a campaign to inspire Christian entrepreneurs worldwide to take this #QuarantineaTime to re-start, re-build, and re-engineer the Business God Created You to Start!

During this time, let’s discover what you could do with all this season of time God as given us in order to jumpstart your business ideas:

1. Launch Your Personal Website

Check out It’s basically my online resume. I believe all entrepreneurs need one of these, regardless if you plan on becoming a personal brand later. I think this has become as necessary and fundamental as a business card. Essentially, it’s an online business card.

You can go to and see that there are so many you can choose from and have yours up and running in no time.

This is a fabulous opportunity to stop for a moment and document your entrepreneurial journey and ventures. This will motivate you to carry on.

2. Finally, update your portfolio, case studies, and client spotlights

I know I’m not alone when I say that I could be doing a much better job at showing off my client work and spotlighting client success stories.

It frustrates me to no end that, even as a branding agency, I do a terrible job at keeping up with my portfolio.

I’m sure you’ve also been looking for some spare time to update your website portfolio.

Me and my team are going to look through all our folders and uncover every project we’ve been working on lately, freshen up our portfolio design, and pack into it all the experience that we’ve have gathered.

Regardless of your industry, if you take time to document your case studies, you’ll be opening some new doors for your business.

Remember that every case is a story. You should give a background, what the challenge was, and how you came alongside to bring success to your client.

Here’s a good example

3. Offer to help, NOT SELL. Here’s how.

The other day I sent an email out with ideas for my clients on things they can be doing while under #QuarantineTime. I wasn’t selling anything. In fact, my email said “reply to me and I’ll help you brainstorm ideas for your business.”

I've seen other coaches offer free 20-minute strategy sessions. And I've seen some companies open up their online courses for FREE during this time, offering a 2-month coupon.

Since many people will be restructuring and rethinking, now is a good time to HELP your customers think outside the box.

Get on social media or open up a mass email and invite your clients and prospects to take advantage of you. Get on the phone, jump into some chats, and keep engaging! Even if you don’t see how it could turn into a sale, now is the time to SHOW SOME LOVE.

When we love and serve others, we’re being like Christ. When we’re like Christ, we make ourselves BLESSABLE by God. And when we’re bless-able, God is able to do MORE through us and He’ll provide more too!

4. Redesign Your Website, Business Processes, or Services

Don’t like your website?

Not happy with how you handle customer orders?

Need to re-think your service offering?

All of these things affect your BRAND IMAGE, and now is a perfect time to work on those.

My company will be redesigning our website over the next month. I’m also pressing play on some initiatives to launch some new products.

Spend some time redesigning or re-engineering your business. Do something NEW that you’ve always wanted to do.

5. Time to Learn What You’ve Always Been Telling Yourself to Learn

For me, I’ve always known that I need to learn about Facebook ads. It’s just been eating me alive for YEARS that I haven’t gotten into it. This #QuarantineChalllenge is going to be when I finally dive deeper into them.

You’ve got some books stacked up. There’s a couple of online courses you have bookmarked. Now you have the time to sit down and learn.

I suggest digging deeper into topics relevant to your industry. Sharpen your toolkit.

PRO TIP: Jump on LinkedIn and share with the business world what you’re learning. People will start to see you as an expert.

6. Teach and Share Your God-Given Knowledge

I started because I was studying the Bible for everything about entrepreneurship and blogging about my experiences. My desire to SHARE KNOWLEDGE is what’s helped me build up the following I have.

This #QuarantineChallenge is your opportunity to invite others into conversations with you so you can show them what you’re capable of.

Do you know how to coach mom’s into helping their babies fall asleep? Then share your knowledge!

Do you know how to cook a healthy meal for your kids? Then share your knowledge.

Are you a Facebook ads guru at your job? Then share your knowledge.

Share cases studies or projects you’ve been working on. Talk about what God has been showing you on this journey. Give insight into things you’re researching. Let others know about the books you’re reading or TedTalks you’re watching.

7. Start a Blog, Write a Book (I’ll Show You How)

I have over 650 blog posts written at The reason I have so many is because I figured our a formula.

Have you wanted to start a blog or write a book? This is a perfect time to get that going!

But writing a book is such a huge task! However, writing it section by section is not.

The formula is

  1. 3 blog posts become 1 chapter

  2. 3 chapters become 1 section

  3. 3 sections become 1 book

If you do the math, that’s 27 blog posts becomes 1 book.

Cool, right?

Watch my free webinar here where I go into a little more detail.

8. Organize the Entrepreneurs of Your Church

My church switched to an ‘online church’ model because of the Coronavurus quarantine. This means all the ministry’s have also moved online.

Think about putting together an online mastermind of other Christian entrepreneurs where you guys can all share your experiences. Get with the business owners of your church and share tips of what’s working now. Let’s all feed off of each other.

This is a time to make new friends and connections. Even though we can’t see each other phtlysically, we have zoom! We can still collaborate.

Start building more community. Now is the time…now more than ever!

9. Build a Community by Launching a Contest or Challenge

When the quarantine started happening, I got with my team to launch the #QuarantineChallenge out of nowhere. I had never done anything like it. It was totally out of the blue!

What can you come up with to get community involvement? I’ve seen so many things popping up where groups are coming together for so many reasons.

Launch a contest or start a Facebook or LinkedIn group. When this is all over, the community will always remember you for leading and giving the way you did.


What if this is the moment for you to finally launch your coaching business?

What if now is the time to start your consulting firm?

What if you could FINALLY start your freelance graphic design career?

There are so many possibilities!

Join the #QuarantineChallenge to finally start the business God created you to start!

This is a time to THINK INSIDE THE BOX of what God has created you for. Now that you’re in the box, focus on your calling.

I want to help guide you. Join me at the challenge.

And please take care.

Alex Miranda

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