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The Most Powerful Tool Christians Have to Building Relationships on LinkedIn

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

LinkedIn has a built-in notification that lets me know when it's someone's work anniversary or if they landed a new job. From this notification, I can easily congratulate them on their accomplishment. I do this every Monday; it’s on my calendar. It's a very simple, easy way to develop the habit of celebrating others.

I'm also keenly aware of who is celebrating me and my posts. I see who likes, shares, and comments. I'm paying extra attention to THOSE individuals, going to their posts, and finding opportunities to engage with and celebrate them.

We all have an internal desire to be celebrated, appreciated, and liked by others. This isn't about narcissism. This is by design.

The Bible says

"Therefore encourage one another and build up one another, just as you also are doing." (1 Thessalonians 5:11)

God designed us to celebrate each other. There are plenty of difficulties faced in business that will need to be overcome, so there has to be a counter-balance in place. That's where encouragement comes in.

As you grow your influence on LinkedIn, you need good people in your network, and you need to be a good person in someone else's network. As a Christian entrepreneur, you might be the ONLY word of encouragement in a person's life that day, week, or even month!

Our LinkedIn relationships should not be a stressful part of our day. Yes, sometimes there will be times where we "challenge" someone or someone who might hold us accountable for something we said or did, but celebrating and encouraging each other should be the OVERALL theme. Receiving and giving celebrations is the most underutilized, most powerful secret sauce to building relationships on LinkedIn.

It's important that we choose relationships that appreciate our worth and who support and encourage us, and we do the same for others. This brings me to my next point: we have to block abusive relationships.


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