Use Storytelling to Connect with a Christian Audience and Build Your Faith-Based Personal Brand

Updated: Jan 27

We follow brands for many different reasons. We share their values, we like their products, we find their content helpful, etc. One huge reason is that we resonate with the story behind the brand.

As part of your Christian personal branding, you need to craft and tell your testimony. If you look at the companies you love, you’ll discover that each one has a powerful story behind it that resonates with you and your values.

Why Storytelling Works

Testimonies are powerful because:

  • They put a human face on your business

  • People naturally love and are engaged by stories

  • A good story offers one more way to communicate your values

  • Stories engender trust because they explain “why”

  • People relate to stories, especially when they see themselves in them

Your Founding Story

An essential story that you absolutely must tell is how your brand came to be. Most of these stories have a similar plot arc: