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In God, We Entrepreneurs Trust: Part 3 – What Not Trusting Will Do

Does this happen to you too?

I get a call from a prospect. After listening to their needs, I conclude that they aren’t really a ‘perfect’ fit for me as a client, but because I have the time (and need the money) I take them on anyway.

I’m the first one to tell my clients to always say “No!” to imperfect clients, but I could do that job with my eyes closed, and heck, how bad could it really turn out to be? Let’s do it!

Then 3 months later, I’m still dealing with the client. They aren’t happy (and never will be). I’m not happy. As much as I try to appease the situation, there is no resolution.

For those of us that are experienced entrepreneurs, we know who the trouble clients will be. We’ve been down that path. And we know we should say HECK NO to the business, but in our weakness, we say yes. Sometimes the client twists our hands and begs us to do business with them, and we simply give in.

I believe this is a weakness in our faith and our trust. We’re not trusting that, right after we hang up from saying no to the imperfect client, we could get another call or email from someone perfect looking for the same work, is willing to pay more, and will take up less of your time and be happier with the result.

How do we develop the skill of waiting for a perfect client? We have to first realize the consequences of NOT waiting, appreciate the rewards of waiting and be willing to trust in God and His timing.

As business owners, we will have moments of weakness that test our commitment and faith to our brand and calling. Because we are not perfect chances are we’ll give into the weakness several times. Our survival instincts will kick in and our natural self will decide to take the easy route (say yes to the money) and thus let our clients take us for a rollercoaster ride.

God will always be by our side even when we try to take a shortcut or take on imperfect opportunities because He’s an awesome God that loves us Godpreneurs and our businesses and the calling over our lives. But…there are consequences to our disobedience that we’ll have to go through.

The Bible is full of wisdom from Godly people who failed to trust God in certain moments and we even get to see the consequences of those actions.

All of us entrepreneurs have been there, and we’ve all also experienced the consequences of not trusting God in our businesses.

The Bible says

"Those who trust in their riches will fall, but the righteous will thrive like a green leaf". Proverbs 11:28 NIV

In Proverbs 11:28 we see the consequences of trusting in their riches. This one hits home the most for entrepreneurs because we’re all about the numbers. We have bills to pay, employees that depend on us, and personal goals we want to achieve.

You know that trusting in the world leads to failure. And Proverbs 28:26 further drives home the point that “Those who trust in themselves are fools, but those who walk in wisdom are kept safe.” You have to see that when we decide to trust that God will provide, He will bring us through the waiting seasons, and He will bring us perfect clients, then He can best guard us and keep us safe. With God by the side of you and Your business, how can you fail?

This is a wise warning for us Godpreneurs that there will always be inevitable consequences for not trusting in God, and taking things into your own hands. It’s like turning off the GPS in our cars and trusting the gas station attendant for directions.

We’ve all found this to be true in our businesses, but we don’t have to keep on falling into the same dilemmas.

You’ll always regret having a doughnut at midnight, but you’ll never regret NOT having done so. Right?

In the same way, we’ll never regret trusting in God, but we’ll always regret taking on that bad client or jumping the gun too soon.

Godpreneur Rule: I trust God, He keeps my business safe.

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