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In God, We Entrepreneurs Trust: Part 4 – The Benefits of Trusting God

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Owning a business can produce some of the loneliest times you’ll ever experience. Even when I had partners, there were times I felt like it was just me against the whole world.

I’m so used to making decisions on my own, taking risks by myself, and cleaning up messes from my vendors or contractors. It really does feel like a one-man-show.

The danger here is that when the going gets tough, being alone can lead to depression, anxiety, and making poor decisions. If we’re in a waiting season, it can lead us to make a move before it’s time. If we’re faced with a great obstacle, being alone could make us cower away and retreat back, not letting us advance and grow our businesses.

But that’s not how God designed it to be. Physically, we may run the business on our own, but God’s looking for us to make a big mindset shift.

The Bible says

"Those who know your name trust in you, for you, Lord , have never forsaken those who seek you". Psalms 9:10 NIV

This means that God is right there with you, sitting at the corner of the desk, looking straight at you, ready to protect, defend, and honor you as a Godpreneur. Maybe right now you’re facing a situation in your business that requires all the trust you could gather up. The enemies in the marketplace tempt you in different directions, but you have to stand firm for what’s good and right for your business. This is when trusting God and his process will reveal its benefits: God shading you with protection, defending you from attack, and honoring you in the marketplace.

The benefits of Trusting God will surpass all expectation, but the best part is that God will be by our side the entire time. Don’t miss this because this is the key to trusting God: regardless of the outcome, the mindset of following and trusting God is what will produce the victory.

Godpreneur Rule: God is ready to protect, defend, and honor us as Godpreneurs.

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