God’s Right On Time: Part 2 – You’re Being Set Up

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

I feel like I’m being set up. Not in a bad way, but in a great way! I’ve come to understand setbacks and waiting seasons as “training” that God will eventually have a plan for. I don’t know it yet, but the reason will be clear later.

How do I know this? God’s done it before.

I was a nightclub promoter for 10 years. In that role, my job was to convince people that I had the hottest ticket in town to the night of your life. Year-after-year I grew my reputation as the guy you called when you wanted to celebrate on South Beach in style.

My branding and marketing agency was also nightlife focused. Hot clubs from around the world used us for logos, websites and graphic designs.

Professionally, I learned a lot about hospitality, customer service, providing a wow experience, promotions, entertainment, and salesmanship.

Then God called me out of that life in 2014, and I took my talents and left South Beach and the nightlife altogether. Where did God take me? To help churches, non-profits, small business owners and entrepreneurs with their branding and marketing.

I feel like I was being set up the entire time. Although the nightlife was fun, it was also a deep, dark, lonely place. But now I know why I was there: because one day I would be a light to those in the dark, and my story would be one seen by others of redemption and restoration. I would also take all of the professional skills learned and apply them to my new life.

God has a plan, purpose and will for our business lives. Before we were born, we were appointed to do something amazing in the marketplace. How awesome is our God that He had a plan from the start!.

But it’s hard for us to see that when we’re in the thick of our circumstances. The setbacks, sad times, challenges and disappointment, along with all the fun times, blessings, growth and momentary successes are all part of a training God has uniquely designed for a great thing only He can do. Everything that’s happened and is happening in our businesses are working together for our good for the plans, purposes, and will of God through our businesses.

As we journey on the entrepreneur rollercoaster in the dark with no lights warning of the oncoming drop and inevitable jarring turn, trusting God is absolutely paramount in our business lives, although we might not understand how all of the pieces of the puzzle will come together.

The Bible says: