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In God, We Entrepreneurs Trust: Part 2 – God’s View of Trust

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

I’ve always told my clients that you don’t need marketing. As the owner of a branding and marketing agency, let me explain myself.

When I tell my clients that they don’t NEED marketing, it’s because I’m trying to drive home the point that if you figure out what you were born to do, what your calling as an Entrepreneur is, what your purpose is in business, then God will magnetically attract business to you. You’ll be so “in the zone” that marketing or advertising wouldn’t even be necessary because people would talk about you so much that referrals and word of mouth would take over.

But…you have to be willing to trust in your calling and drop everything else to focus on that ONE THING you were called to do.

This is really a lesson on trust, and how much are we willing to trust in God and not our marketing or advertising campaigns.

See, we entrepreneurs can start to rely to much on the things of this world as the provider of our happiness, success, or identity. We put so much trust in our employees, vendors and contractors as the thing that will make our business succeed.

And when we start succeeding, guess what, we give credit to those things for our success. And if we fail, we ask God “why did you let me fail?”

As entrepreneurs, we have trust issues. Our entrepreneurial self wants to take things in our own hands and control everything around us.

But what happens when we’re in a waiting period and there’s nothing there except for God?

Or what happens when we’re putting all of our eggs into this one Facebook advertising campaign as “the thing” that will really bring the business in.

Or what if someone comes alongside and tells you that your business stinks and you should do something else, but you know you’ve been called to be where you are at.

The good news is that God already saw this coming and made a way for us to fully trust in Him. We can’t afford to rely on the things of this world in our business.

The Bible says:

"Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God". Psalms 20:7 NIV

Here is the commander of the army telling us that he doesn’t rely on chariots and horses. Back then, the strength of your army was determined by the number of chariots and horses you have.

Put it to you this way. It’s like the general of the army saying we don’t rely on tanks and airplanes, we rely on God.

It’s not that we need to get rid of the chariots and horses, it’s that our mind needs to understand that those are vehicles God can use, but our entire existence is not dependent on those (very important) things. It’s not only important for you to understand why trust is important in your business, but why specifically is trust important to God. Trusting God in our business is an indicator of our heart’s condition, showing where our commitment and loyalty lies.

Trusting God during a waiting period, during a major setback, or during a storm of bad public relations shows Him that we count on Him, not the world. It’s trusting that when you have a choice to make things work in your business by the world’s standards or by God’s, you choose God 10 out of 10 times.

We Godpreneurs sometimes to struggle so much bm for this very reason: so that we learn to trust God more.

When I faced my own struggles in business, upon reflection, I can’t help but think if it was all a lesson for me to trust God more in leading my business. Was the waiting period a time for me to remove me from me, so I could be filled with God and trust Him more?

Thankfully you’re reading this and getting godly counsel to encourage you to trust in God and move forward with your calling!

We must hold firm to what He has called us to in our businesses. Otherwise, we would be bending to the world instead of remaining steady to the course He has marked out before us in the marketplace.

Our hearts need to reflect a commitment to God. That’s our testimony to employees, vendors and contractors.

Lets all choose today to be Godpreneurs committed to the calling, purpose, and God-ordained direction on our business.

Like my clients who hear my explanation of why they don’t need marketing if they trust in their calling, few will choose this path. But to those that do, God will pour down blessings on your business for those Godpreneurs who are faithful, loyal, and fully committed to Him.

Godpreneur Rule: A Godpreneur’s heart reflects His commitment to God.


  1. Are you facing a business battle that calls out your trust?

  2. Are you in a waiting period that has you holding on to God more now than ever?

  3. Perhaps a competitor or employee is coming against you as well?

  4. Is there is a situation at the office that confronts you to operate out of trust or fear?


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