God’s Right On Time: Part 4 – A Moment of Inspiration

I’ve been doing logos and websites since 2005. Contrary to what you might think, the best part of my job isn’t the creation of the actual work. My favorite part is the planning whereby I get to sit with the entrepreneur, download their thoughts and help guide them to discovering the story behind their brand and a strategy that will WIN in the marketplace.

(this is not a plug for my services, I’m getting somewhere with this…hang tight)

During that time with the entrepreneur, something extraordinary happens. I get inspired by the Holy Spirit to interpret their vision and lay out their “born to do” plan on business. See, I feel that everyone is born, for one thing, they just don’t know it yet, and God has chosen me (and others) to help people find their life and business purpose.

What I want to highlight here isn’t my service, but the fact that I was inspired at the right time to help someone through something. It was inspiration given to me in the middle of a 30-60 minute conversation. Not 15 minutes before, not 15 minutes after. Right on time during our session.

We all have the ability to be inspired right on time. Jesus has saved us and the Holy Spirit dwells in us, so we have the wisdom of God implanted in our minds, and we can call on that wisdom when we need it.

There are times in our businesses when we need to believe in this and take advantage of this power. We need timely wisdom in a business situation to come up with inspired solutions.

Maybe you’re going through a waiting season, and it seems like God is distant. The holy spirit wants to reveal to you why you’re in the season and what you need to do while you’re there.

Maybe you’re stuck, and there’s a big business decision. You think that God won’t show up on time for you this time because the time is up, the ship sailed, and you can’t regain that time.

What I’ve learned in business, not just in my strategy sessions with clients, but even in my darkest, loneliest times is that God is the one who has the plan for my life and He always fulfills his purpose and plan for my business, and will continue to on His timing.