Stop Rushing Everything in Business – Part 2: Slowing Down Increases Love

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Owning an agency can be stressful sometimes because clients bring me “rush” projects that I have to deliver on in a shorter than expected time frame… Or else!

When a project is set to “rush,” everyone’s temper is shorter. The project manager is less patient, the designers are more stressed, and the clients are less forgiving. The entire project experience is under incredible pressure.

I’m the first to say that there is a good type of pressure when a project has a deadline to meet. But that’s different than a project that gets thrown at me last minute because of the effects of a society that is always in a rush.

I’ve lost clients, damaged relationships, and hurt my reputation because of rushing marketing campaigns or one of my services.

When my agency is rushing, there’s no room for love. Instead, all that love and comradery gets set aside, and emotions start running high. The chances for a nuclear explosion in the relationship increase tenfold.

Rush = No Love

We all have situations in our business were being in a rush or hurrying through a process completely shuts off the friendliness and love we have for each other. Instead, we become short with staff, curt in our conversations, and touchy about tasks.

When we’re rushing, we’re mostly doing the opposite of loving. Love requires time, and the rush is the absence of time. Rushing our people, products, or services is the antithesis, the arch-enemy, and the destroyer of loving relationships, lovely projects, and love-filled initiatives.

Rush and love are like oil and water – they can’t co-exist in a healthy relationship in our businesses.

So how do we stop the rush-crazed pace we’re demanded to operate under, especially in environments where it seems everythin