Stop Rushing Everything in Business – Part 3: Rushing is a Joy Killer

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

I have a google document where I keep track of all the victories I’m experiencing and things I’m grateful for. I have it broken down month-by-month.

But for two months, I didn’t write in it. For two whole months, I skipped the habit I had been doing for years at least a couple of times per week. And those two months were the two worst months of the year for me.

For two months, I was down and depressed. Things were going on personally and entrepreneurially that had me in a real funk. I felt like the joy of life had been punched out of me. I was gasping for air and desperate for anything that resembled a sign of hope that I would recover.

Then…I remembered that I had a routine of practicing gratitude in the mornings – and that I was no longer following the routine.

With the weight of priorities, launches, and events I was in charge of for that month, I got off my slow-paced morning routine. I traded it in to rush and to get everything I needed to do done. I found myself not spending time with my son as much and speeding through my daily devotionals to hurry on to my day.

I was being robbed of everything that brought me real joy in the mornings, and I was paying the price the rest of the day… for two months straight.

Entrepreneurship Can Kill Our Joy

Entrepreneurship is a helter-skelter roller-coaster ride of emotions. We have problems we experience on the home front. We have people and business priorities pulling us in a million directions. This is a recipe for killing joy in our lives.

We’re all going to experience the ups and downs of business ownership, the question is whether we’re going to ride the roller-coaster with our hands in the air full of excitement and joy, or we’re going to close our eyes, cower down, cover our heads, and pray that the ride end already so we can jump the heck off.