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How I Use Failure to Motivate Myself?

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

I don’t seem to learn very much when everything is going great. It is usually in my failures that God gets my attention.

The other day I didn’t deliver on time a project I had promised. The client was upset. I had failed to deliver on what I had promised.

I look at it like this: if something went wrong in a project, client, vendor, deal, or employee, it’s a check engine light that something needs fixing.

I had to flat-out confess to the client that I was sorry and I had no other choice but to make it right.

Sometimes God humbles us to test our reaction before He lifts us up.

The bible says

"Whoever abandons the right path will be severely disciplined; whoever hates correction will die. Even Death and Destruction hold no secrets from the Lord . How much more does he know the human heart! Mockers hate to be corrected, so they stay away from the wise". Proverbs 15:10‭-‬12 NLT

Have you ever been embarrassed or ashamed with a client situation only to discover later that your experience was supremely valuable? Maybe your failure turned your life in a way that nothing else could have accomplished.

I have found that down is the way up in business. Anyone can handle success. How you handle failure as a Godpreneur is a sign of greatness. All entrepreneurs will suffer setbacks and discouragement; it come with the territory if you are trying to do what you were born to do. The one who is always playing it safe will never find out what kind of stuff they are made of.

The failures and disappointments we experience in our businesses are not always what they appear to be. Maybe they are really just momentary set-backs as we focus on God’s will for our businesses.

Godpreneur Rule: Humble yourself before God and He will lift your business up.

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