How I Discovered My True Brand Identity

Updated: Jan 26

I’ve been a brand strategist since 2001.  Almost all of my entrepreneurial career I’ve spent helping businesses have cool logos and websites.

Naturally, I pay attention to my own identity.  My logos and websites are always in tip-top shape.  I am obsessed with how I am perceived by my target audience and people that work with me.

But in 2014 I had an identity crisis that forced me to go back to the drawing boards of my own life and company brand and rethink an entirely new approach to branding.

Long story short, my company was the top branding agency for nightclubs around the world.  In 2008 I started going back to church, and over the following years, I felt God pulling me away from that world completely. In 2014 I dropped every nightclub client to follow God completely and trust he had my back.  Almost overnight I lost it all…Employees, contracts, partnership…Myself…My identity as the king of nightlife marketing.

What did I do when my life flip turned upside down? Where did I go when I lost almost everything that had been there to me for almost a decade?

How do I find my way back to a brand identity that would make me feel like I matter like I have a purpose?

This is exactly where God needed to take me in order to show me my true identity – His identity through me.

What I’ve discovered since then is that branding is the external spoken word of the internal embodiment of God within us, trying to express Himself through us.

I know, it’s a mouthful. It’s a very advanced thought.  I’ve been at this for years now – I’ve dedicated my life to this topic of identity.

When things aren’t right at home or in business, when life is crumbling around me and it seems like I’ve lost hope, I’ve come to understand that this is God’s way of correcting my brand and trying to line my company up with who He is, not who my selfish self wants us to be.

The dictionary defines identity as “who someone is, the name of a person, the qualities, beliefs, etc., that make a particular person or group different from others.”