Fine Tuning Your Business Calling

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Now that I’ve found my calling in business, there are a couple of things I do to continue to fine-tune and cultivate it.

Living within my calling is now a lifestyle for me. I’ve changed habits and adopted new ones in order to continue to hear from God.  

The visions of where God wants me to go are constantly flowing, the spirit is always guiding, and I need to stay alert.

As I continue my journey, here are the two major ways I continue to seek God’s will for my business.

Draw Closer to God

I have practices that I follow in order to stay connected to God. It’s one thing to discover what you’re born to do, it’s another thing to walk down that journey towards the finish line. God gave me the vision and will also be the lamp at my feet to guide me.

The Bible says:

The Sovereign Lord has opened my ears; I have not been rebellious, I have not turned away. Isaiah 50:5 NIV

Reading my Bible every morning and blogging to you is one great way I stay connected. I’m also trying to get better at praying, resting, teaching Bible studies, and going on short term missions each year.

There are tons of ways for us to draw closer to God, these are personal to me. People connect with God in a wide variety of ways; so don’t be discouraged if your primary mode isn’t listed here, or if you haven’t yet discovered how you best connect with God.

A Community of Entrepreneurs

I’m also in the habit of meeting with a community of Entrepreneurs. I have a close group of friends that meet several times a year at Panera bread to check up on goals. I also participate in Mastermind groups. I’m also attending monthly entrepreneurial w