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Why is Entrepreneurship So Mysterious?

Mystery movies are fun!  I bite nearly all of my nails off thinking WHAT’S NEXT!?

But the mystery of owning a business is not so much fun, right?  We don’t really know what tomorrow will bring us. We try our best to predict and prepare.

We long to prevent dips in the income, unsatisfied clients and preventing our employees from destructive choices. But even though we do our best to honor God in our business, we will almost certainly face the pains of owning a business.

The truth is that we have two options with every marketplace challenge – to follow God’s plan or our own. Most times our plan fails because we try to control our circumstances – and God, when we should be trusting God’s eternal plan and purpose for our entreprenurial careers.

Godpreneur Rule #25: Trust in God’s goodness and live with the mystery of entrepreneurism.

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