How Entrepreneurs Connect with God Every Morning

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

The wisest thing business owners can do to start every day is to get connected with almighty God.

The wisest thing we entrepreneurs can do is decide that from this point on, before getting out of bed, we're going to connect with the President of our board of directors. Monday through Friday, every morning, we're going to pray something like:

"Lord, I thank you that you have a plan for my business today. I thank you, Lord, that your timing is perfect. I thank you that you're bringing whatever you need to bring. You’ll protect me. You’ll guide me. You’ll lead me. If I go through any kind of suffering and hurt and disappointment and all the rest, I’ll trust you to bring me through that. Lord, I want to thank you that today I’m going to walk obediently before you. I’m going to trust the Holy Spirit to do the speaking in me to give me guidance and direction and give me your timing. Whatever you have for me and my business, I’m available to wait. I know that waiting will grow me, strengthen me, prepare me for what you have in my marketplace. I want to thank you for this day, and Lord, let my business be fruitful all day long."

When you begin the business day that way, all of a sudden, even on the darkest of days you’ve ever seen on your entrepreneurial journey, the sun’s going to be brilliant. You know why? Because you are connecting with the owner and financier of your business, God will answer every single prayer that I mentioned.

It’s His timing. It’s His way. It’s His plan.

The Bible says:

But I am trusting you, O Lord, saying, “You are my God!” My future is in your hands." As a business owner, you can say, "the future of my business is in your hands. (Psalms 31 14:15)

Have you ever prayed like that about your business? You might want to memorize that verse and pray it every morning before you get up and begin the hustle and grind. You can pray something like:

“I trust you, Lord, you’re my God, and my times are in your hands. God, I have more to-do's today than I have time to get done. I have so many appointments there’s no way I get it all done. Help me sort it all out, do what matters most in my business, and not worry about the rest. My calendar is in your hand. I surrender my schedule. I surrender my agenda. I give you my marketing plans. My times are in your hands, and that means I’m not going to fear. I’m going to trust you."

If I ask you today whose business schedule do you live by, you’ll probably say, “well, by my own." And that's natural because, as entrepreneurs, we are self-employed, self-starting, and self-motivated. However, in your daily agenda or monthly marketing calendar, where is God in all that? Do you ever stop to ask him, "God, what you think about Thursday? What do you want in Quarter 3?"