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Entrepreneurial FOMO: the Dangers and How to Avoid It

Entrepreneurs are plagued by FOMO - fear of missing out. Stock traders probably go through this. I wouldn't know; I don't trade stocks, but I could imagine if I were, every day I'd be like, "oh man, I'm going to get this stock because I don't want to miss out on the value going up."

If we're honest, we do the same thing in business. One reason we get in a hurry and ignore the spirit's nudge for us to wait is that we think we’re falling behind. A competitor is coming out with a similar product or service. Our friend got this big piece of software, so I probably need it too. The guy in the office down the hall is expanding to take up two more suites, and I better call the landlord to get another suite too before there are no more. We have to get into eCommerce, or we are getting behind, left out of the wave.

Well, here's what my grandma taught me: what has your name on it will not go to anyone else. What belongs to you will not go to another person.

I'll never forget preaching I heard about King David. David was out in the shepherd’s fields when the prophet came to his house to anoint one of the sons as the next king. David’s father Jesse didn’t even bring David in. He thought, “there’s no way it’s David. He’s too young.” When Samuel went to pour the oil on the other seven sons, the oil wouldn’t flow.

What I took from this as a business owner was that no matter how hard someone tries to get what’s mine, they may manipulate, connive, ignore, leave me out; the oil is not going to flow to them.

Godpreneurs, what has your name on it is coming your way - the employee, the partner, the contract, the opportunity, the invention cannot go to anyone else. God called YOU specifically to something; it’s your birthright. That's how a calling from God works. This is why we don’t have to live jealous or envious of other business owners.

"Well, Alex, my former business partner took my idea and ran with it, and that's not fair." Listen, Godpreneurs, if that product, service, or invention were supposed to be yours, you would have it.

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