Why God Lets Storms into Our Businesses (And How to Get Out!)

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Sometimes, when you’re following Jesus, He leads our businesses right into a storm.

Remember in the New Testament, the two times when the disciples found themselves in their boat in the middle of a storm. They thought they were going to die both times. They were in trouble, and not because they were doing things wrong. They were in trouble because they were doing things RIGHT. They were following Jesus. They were obeying what He told him to do. They were following His directions and His directions lead them right into a storm.

Think about this: if the disciples had not been in those storms, they would never have discovered truths about Jesus. There were things that they say about Him they had never seen before. They could never have learned these miraculous signs any other way except by going through the storms they experienced.

Always look for God in the way things are and not in what you hope they will be. Look in the way things are. See, God's not waiting for you on the other side of the trouble. He's not waiting for you to figure it out and eventually find your way through. No. Psalm 18:2 says the Lord is your shield, the power that saves you. God, in the middle of your storm, is walking with you, shielding you while working His way and His will. But you’ve got to trust Him in it.

So, when God says, "do you trust me in the storm of your business situation," well, then, you have a decision to make. Will you allow him to do what he wants to do and not fear the outcome? Because to fear the outcome says, "Lord, I don’t quite trust you." Will you allow God to do what he wants to do in the storm and not fear the outcome?

Finding Stability During the Storms

During turbulent times in business, it's important to find stability by focusing on what never changes. Don’t focus on what's changing because we don’t know where everything will end up.