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Stories of Faith In Your Business

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

I love telling stories of how God came through for me miraculously at the last minute in my business.

He brought the perfect circumstances for my company to be in the warehouse we’re occupying today, at a rent that only God could have negotiated.

In the area of finances, He always provided just enough for my company to stay in business for years because He has great plans for it, and He has patiently waited for me to do some ‘growing up’ in order to bring that to pass.

You know why I love these stories of faith? Because I get to tell them to employees, vendors, contractors and my friends.  Believers or nonbelievers, stories of faith are encouraging and give hope.

Most importantly, stories of faith in your business keep God front and center at the helm of the ship guiding the path and always in a position of thanksgiving.  Because of God, I’m in this warehouse and still in business, so moving forward any employee or persons working with me are a faithful result of God’s working.

What are your stories of faith in business that you’ll pass along?  Comment below to share with others.

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