Want to Launch a Christian Blog? How to Muster the Courage

Updated: Jan 26

In 2014, I led a Bible study for entrepreneurs in my church. During those weeks, I felt the Holy Spirit calling me in a new way in my business.

At the time, my agency did logos and websites for different companies. Clients would come to me if they were launching or re-branding their businesses.

But during this Bible study, God was showing me that if an entrepreneur didn’t have a bigger vision for their business – a godly vision – then the venture would likely fail.

This thought burdened me because, being in the position that I was in where I help businesses launch, I had the opportunity to share this thought and help guide the entrepreneur to launching the business that God created them to start.

That’s when I discovered my personal calling business – I help entrepreneurs uncover their calling in business, and my agency brings it to life!

My personal calling (helping people discover what they are born to do) was different than my agency’s calling (bringing that calling I helped discover to life).

This was the foundation of my personal brand, The Born to Do Method. You would think that once I discovered this, I stopped everything I was doing to ONLY focus on my calling. Right?

You’d think that a Godpreneur like myself, that teaches other people to ONLY pursue their calling, would himself heed to his own advice. Right?

Well, that’s NOT my story.