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How Blogging Erased Conflict in My Business [Step By Step Guide]

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

As a branding agency, I sometimes find myself in tough situations with arrogant clients who cause the creative process to turn heated and personal. Some of the clients are big companies or huge authorities in their space, so it’s easy to get intimidated.

I've also "gone to war" with my business partners, vendors, contractors, and occasionally an employee. At the moment, I felt justified in my actions, but I always end up the loser because I feel terrible for things I've said and done.

In 2014 I committed myself to learn how to control my anger, God's way. My outlet becomes my blog, Daily Godpreneur.

See, God has taught me over the years to respond to conflict by serving, not by throwing more heat on the fire or by putting on the boxing gloves. And my highest level of service has become this blog and the courses I teach. Many of my teachings result from conflicts that I needed to solve by studying God's Word.

We Christian entrepreneurs have been given the ability to do things differently from our sinful selves. We want to get even; God wants us to give mercy. We want to get revenge. God wants us to forgive. But how can we do that if we aren't studying the way Jesus was able to handle conflict?

The Bible says:

But don’t just listen to God’s word. You must do what it says. Otherwise, you are only fooling yourselves. (James 1:22 NLT)

In my Daily Godpreneur Method, I teach that business and personal growth come from reading the word, sharing it, and applying the teaching to our own business lives.

First, you must always be able to see people through God's eyes and heart. You don't know if they are having marriage problems or financial issues, causing them to act in a way that seems irrational to you. Maybe the pressures of their business cause their thoughts to spin out of control. Maybe they don't have a relationship with God to outlet their own feelings.

Enter you and your ability to control yourself, and turn around and blog (journal) about it.

Let me share some blogs and courses I created because I conflicted, and blogging about it helped me through it and made me better because of it.

  • 21 Breakthroughs in Business and Marriage

  • Restoring Business Partnerships Gone Bad

  • Overcoming Depression in Entrepreneurship

  • Conquering Integrity in Business

  • The 7 Calling Killers

God wants us to respond to hurt people in our business life with compassion and genuine interest. Instead of becoming angry and seeking justification, God wants us to come to Him, lay the problem at the foot of the cross, and receive a divine download on how to handle the situation. Then, you can journal that revelation in the form of a blog. You don't have to share it with that person, but share it on social media so others can be blessed by it. If you do this, you will see the conflict disappear from your own heart (even though it might still be in their heart).

If we invest a little time praying for their businesses, their marriages, and their relationship with God, the holy spirit will speak to you and give you the answer you need to journal (blog) about.

With care, humility, prayer, and proper reflection, the intimidation we feel evaporates. Then, when our heart changes toward them, their heart may change toward us, and the conflict is almost always removed—immediately. It’s amazing. Walls come down!

And in the end, we have a story to share with others on our blog on how we overcame a situation in our business through God's word. It's truly a miracle to experience. When your blogging is done with care, compassion, humility, and prayer, problems disappear.



  1. How have you responded in business situations to someone who demeans, ignores, or intimidates you?

  2. If you chose to engage and escalate the conflict, what were the impacts on that person, your business relationship with them, your heart, and/or your bottom line (profit)?

  3. What could you have done differently to serve your "enemy" to win them and influence them for Christ's glory?


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