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Born to Do – Part 4: Decide Already

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Sometimes I feel like I’m in an empty room with 9 doors and I want to go through all of them at the same time. So I peak into one, go in for a bit, then come back out and go into another. I repeat this process and guess what? I’m still undecided.

Obviously I can’t go through all of them at the same time.  I must choose because at the end of the door that I choose, I’ll get to another room with 9 doors.

This is how my entrepreneurial life feels. There’s so many opportunities out there, it’s dizzying. I get frustrated because I want to do them all, but I’m the first person to tell my clients that they must choose.

Making business choices like this is never easy. We entrepreneurs can grow our businesses in so many ways.  We can enter into so many other fields with our gifts and talents.

Maybe you’re in a business and thinking of jumping into a new verticals and serving a new niche. Maybe you’re thinking about a new product line. Maybe you’re feeling like switching industries completely. Or, maybe you’re thinking of a total career switch into something new.

These are not easy choices, trust me, I know because I go through them as well. But, I’ve figured out how to help me make the choice, and it has changed my life completely.

You see, we were all born to do something.  If you believe this is true like I do, then it means that a creator created you and thought about your plans of life beforehand. The way I see it, there’s a treasure to find and the map actually exists. There’s a sunken ship with tons of gold in it, and its waiting to be found by you.

You can clearly see how this thought has made the decision making process so much easier because God has called us and is there to guide us.  It’s not a mystery to God.

The mystery only comes if you’re not walking close to the person holding the map.

The Bible says

"But if you refuse to serve the Lord , then choose today whom you will serve. Would you prefer the gods your ancestors served beyond the Euphrates? Or will it be the gods of the Amorites in whose land you now live? But as for me and my family, we will serve the Lord .” Joshua 24:15 NLT

The awesome part about a relationship with God is that there’s a choice. The Bible is clear about this. God works WITH us, he doesn’t control us. For the most part, we are given the freedom to make choices.  We’re not puppets, but at the same time we don’t work independently of Him.  

Our personal calling is not a command but more of a prompting to fulfill.  We partner with God, like a business partnership, bringing to the table our passions and talents and making use of them in the opportunities that God brings.  God brings the opportunities, we either see them or we don’t.

Wherever you are right now, you need to make sure that you’re walking close to the one who has the treasure map and tells you where to turn.  He’ll guide you always.

We have a calling and it’s not some impossible fountain of youth fictional place that we’ll never find.  No, it’s in our reach, it exists, it’s in this world, it’s here. ..right now!

Godpreneur Rule #82: Godpreneurs make decisions based on the guidance of God and live in the light of that calling.

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