Born to Do – Part 6: Push Through

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

My son’s room has one of those wooden gates at the door to keep him corralled. One day I turn around to see what he was up to and, sure enough, he was half way up climbing over the gate.  He didn’t quite make it, but I applauded his effort.  A few weeks later he’s in the room playing again and when I turn around to check up on him, he has managed to rip apart the contraption, breaking a piece off and making it useless. He overcame the obstacle.

I’m always surprised at the tenacity my boy has.  He uses whatever limited resources to push through and get what he wants. He doesn’t stop until it’s achieved. There’s no challenge he won’t take on. I think its because he doesn’t see the mountain, he doesn’t know the mountain can hurt, he only sees past the mountain to the promised land of whatever he’s trying to accomplish. There’s a goal, and he keeps his eyes and mind on it.

We entrepreneurs, on the other hand, know this mountain all too well. This mountain represents bad breaks, broken partnerships, lost clients, disappointing numbers, persecution by your spouse, and fear of the unknown.

The mountains paralyze us. We start blaming ourselves. The problem in front of us makes us feel incompetent.

What happens when the mountain shakes and the mudslide is heading towards you?

What happens when the volcano erupts and you’re looking at doom.

What do we do when you can’t even see the vision anymore because the clouds thick with smoke and ash.

This is when we need to know that God is bigger than that mountain. This is when faith is truly tested. This is when the Godpreneur within must fight his biggest battle. Our business weaknesses are no obstacle to God’s power.

How?  How can you have this kind of faith with so much uncertainty?

I have 3 steps to help Godpreneurs overcome mountains in your business life.

Step 1 – Rely

First, you must rely on your spirit.  You can’t rely on your own strength.  You can’t rely on your own eyes.  You must have a raw dependency on God.  This is the cornerstone on which our great businesses will be built.

Step 2 – Admit