Born to Do – Part 5: Guaranteed Success

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

I’ve taken a lot of risks in my entrepreneurial life. Risks with new ventures, new partnerships, marketing campaigns, and new service offerings. Some have been a hit, some have fallen flat.

I’ve failed so many times in business. It’s probably because I take so many chances, risking it all at times. I’ve succeeded too. But there’s something special about the failures that I take for granted. Even though it sucks to fail, I always appreciate the lesson that comes with it.

Whenever us entrepreneurs step out in faith, we take a risk. Whenever we dare to hope in the face of hopelessness or dream the impossible dream, whenever we are willing to try what the world might dismiss as foolish, we are not doing any of these things in absolute assurance that our attempts will succeed.

We weren’t meant to succeed at everything. Part of the entrepreneur finding what he’s born to do means being willing to take a road even though it might be the wrong one. We take the risks because being idle is not an option. We take a risk because we know God is in control.

It’s easy for me to say this, but it’s harder in practice. We’ve taken so many risks and failed in big and small ways that taking each new risk because more difficult, especially the more that´s at stake.

I believe it’s this fear of failure that is the biggest contributor to what cripples us from taking the action needed to fully live within our calling. But if we’re not willing to take risks, and have faith in God and what His perfect plan is, then are we as faithful as we think we are?

Playing it safe will land you nowhere…because you go nowhere.  You’ve parked at the fork in the road, set up your camper, and you’re not moving.

Can I encourage you that God is asking you to trust him to take the risk!.

The Bible has a great story about taking risks. It’s the story of the talents. The wealthy business owner leaves his employees with money and tells them to invest it and he’ll be back to collect on the profits. Each dude invests, but one guy parks his car at the fork in the road and does nothing, waiting for the master to return because he was afraid of losing it and the consequences that would come.

As you know, the owner come