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  • Purpose without Faith

    Purpose and Faith both have their meaning independently from one another. However, knowing my purpose without exercising my Faith, I found it useless. But what I didn’t know then was how important my faith would be to fulfill this calling. Where is he asking you to have faith so that he can clear the way for you to walk in your purpose? Are you taking a step on faith? #FindingMyCalling

  • Having Faith to Become a Doer

    Jesus says in the Bible: He replied, “Because you have so little faith. (Matthew 17:20 NIV) Faith isn’t about you developing magic tricks. How much faith? decision to faithful decision. Entrepreneurship might as well be called “Faith Walking.”

  • Choose Faith In Spite Of The Facts

    Notes from Joel Osteen Podcast When you put God first, he’ll take care of you. God can bless you in spite of what’s going on around you. You can be in an unfavorable situation, the facts say one thing, but God can reach down and take you where you’ve never dreamed. The conditions don’t have to be right you have to be right. The odds may be against you but God is for you. God controls the environment. He has the final say. Don’t let the facts talk you or if what God put in your heart. When God put a promise in your heart, turn your mind off from the facts. #ChristianBloggers

  • Stories of Faith In Your Business

    You know why I love these stories of faith?  Believers or nonbelievers, stories of faith are encouraging and give hope. Most importantly, stories of faith in your business keep God front and center at the helm of the ship this warehouse and still in business, so moving forward any employee or persons working with me are a faithful What are your stories of faith in business that you’ll pass along? 

  • Scaling Your Faith and Business: 21 Devotionals for Growth Without Compromise

    devotionals in the "Grow" stage are your secret weapon for scaling your business while keeping your faith Ready for unshakeable growth in both your business and faith?

  • How to Expect without Losing Faith In Business

    The first year or two of owning a business with my friends was so exciting!  We were kicking butt, hiring people, got a cool office on South Beach and doing work with some high profile clients.  We were 25 and 26 year old entrepreneurs starting an agency in Miami…doesn’t it sound like a movie?!?! Well, it was everything you can imagine plus more! One day something happened that started a heated argument between myself and one of my partners.  We exchanged abusive emails for 1/2 a day, even copying our 3rd partner in who had nothing to do with it. The emails got longer and longer, more bitter after each send. In the early days when I first started the business, I thought I would have a perfect partnership automatically. Oh boy was in for a ride for the next years. I knew at this point the honeymoon period was over. Remember MTV’s The Real World? I love how the opening statement goes:  ‘When people stop being fake and start becoming real’. That’s what happens in a partnership. We all enter in with high hopes and expectations from our partners, and almost certainly go through seasons of disappointed, let downs, back stabbing, gossiping, side-taking, finger pointing, verbal and even physical abuse. Experience tells us business partnerships are harder than we think. As we grow in clients and revenue, eventually, we realize our initial ideas about business and management aren’t realistic and something needs to change or someone needs to leave this partnership. The truth is that this disconnect in expectations is NOT A SURPRISE TO GOD.  You think he would make everyone different and not have lessons for us to break free from these great expectations? The bible says in 1 Corinthians 13:11 "When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me." In essence, Paul (the writer of Corinthians) is telling us that when our businesses were in their infancy, we thought one way. But now that the enterprise is growing, its time to put those thought behind because God has so much more in store for us. Our initial expectations must be replaced with biblical truth. Your business partner’s ideas about communication, conflict resolution, management of people, spirituality, job roles, time off, pay structure, accounting, and myriad other business things were determined long before you came on the scene. But most partners never deeply explore these concepts intentionally. I’m not an emotional intelligence expert and I don’t resolve conflict for partners for a living. I can only share my experiences both in marriage and in business partnerships (which are identical by the way). What I know is that there has to be a pow wow to let this concept of expectations be known and to explore ideas about how you connect with your partners. What areas of disagreement or difference do you have in connecting, communicating, and the list of other ideas I mention 2 paragraphs before? We can allow God to shape our great expectations for business in partnership so we can experience co-working in which God intended for us to interact and prosper. #TimeManagement #GainConfidence

  • The Role of Faith in Activating God’s Favor in Your Business

    I went through many times that tried my faith in myself and in God’s promises. Here’s how: FAITH The facts say one thing, but faith takes our minds off of the facts and onto God’s What role does faith play in activating God’s favor in your business? God wants to see us have faith.

  • The 3 Benefits of Mixing Faith and Entrepreneurship

    How do faith and entrepreneurship mix? of a faith-filled mindset? I'm not talking about my faith in Christianity. I'm talking about my faith that God will provide. However, faith makes it so. Faith turns God’s promises for your business into tangible realities. Faith turns things of the unseen spiritual world into visible things in the business world. 3) Faith

  • How Faith-Based Agencies Sell More

    The best way for us faith-based agency owners to approach our businesses is with a servant's heart.

  • Having Faith in God's Vision for Your Business

    Instead, through faith and following Christ, God’s power began to work in my business life and circumstances The apostle Paul knew that faith is the key to an entrepreneur’s obedient life. Faith lets us persevere in the onslaught of opposition, in the times of turmoil. Stay faithful, and God’s entrepreneurial vision for your life will come to fruition. To read more articles about faith, click here. #BusinessBibleStudy #GainConfidence #EnhanceFocus

  • Three Reasons Why You Should Buy Faith-Based Wall Art

    Christian entrepreneurs express themselves, but it can be difficult to find art pieces that may express our faith Keep reading, and I'll tell you the three reasons why you should buy faith-based wall art. 1. Faith-based wall art is a great way to make your home or office feel more inviting Adding a Christian and also, for those non-Christian people who enter the place, it would make them wonder about your faith Wall-art faith-based will offer you inspiration when needed, and it will be a reminder of the Lord,

  • Overcoming Anxiety in Business Part 2 – Step Out in Faith

    I honestly didn’t have faith in myself to lead a group of people in growing an agency.  Moments that we need to have tremendous faith. This is EXACTLY where God wants to meet us. In Joshua (14-15) we read about the faith of the priests and of Joshua. See, faith is about remembering the past and trusting on God’s word. Imagine if all Godpreneurs had faith like Joshua in all of the decisions we made.

  • Use Storytelling to Connect with a Christian Audience and Build Your Faith-Based Personal Brand

    We follow brands for many different reasons. We share their values, we like their products, we find their content helpful, etc. One huge reason is that we resonate with the story behind the brand. As part of your Christian personal branding, you need to craft and tell your testimony. If you look at the companies you love, you’ll discover that each one has a powerful story behind it that resonates with you and your values. Why Storytelling Works Testimonies are powerful because: They put a human face on your business People naturally love and are engaged by stories A good story offers one more way to communicate your values Stories engender trust because they explain “why” People relate to stories, especially when they see themselves in them Your Founding Story An essential story that you absolutely must tell is how your brand came to be. Most of these stories have a similar plot arc: You suffered from some seemingly insurmountable problem (which is the same problem or one problem that your audience faces) You went through all sorts of frustrations, just as your audience is now You came upon a simple idea and decided to give it a try The idea worked and got results, and now you’re here to teach others how to do it Of course, this isn’t the only good founding story. But the above story is powerful because it says: “I overcame your problem and I can help you overcome it too.” Other Ideas for Personal Branding Stories At the very least, you should develop a story that tells about the founding of your brand, but there are many other ways you can use storytelling as well: When you talk about your life and especially your business, what do people find most interesting about your journey? This is a story that needs to be told. Explain how you came up with an idea for a certain product. Pick your best product or the one you most want to see increase in sales. Think of specific challenges you faced along the way or major milestones you met and turn each into a piece of content you can share. Tell the story of a customer or client that you helped. Even better, have them tell the story. You can use this as a piece of social proof. There are stories everywhere waiting to be told. It’s just a matter of finding them. Where to Share Your Stories You can use storytelling in blog posts, YouTube videos, the “About” page of your website, social media, and anywhere else you publish content. You don’t have to be a master storyteller. Just get out there and explain to people why you do what you do, and it’ll have the desired effect. If you want to know about more ways to develop a powerful God-first personal brand, then head over to my program, Build Your Unique Christian Personal Brand. In this course, you’ll learn how to create a compelling identity that attracts a value-aligned audience and increases your influence and sales. Check it out here - Build Your Christian Personal Brand | Godpreneur Academy #ShareYourTestimony #PersonalBranding

  • Overcoming Obstacles to Launching Your Idea – Step 11: Launching with Faith

    “You of little faith,” he said, “why did you doubt?” NIV) Jesus was pleased that Peter had joined him on the water because Peter took a risk that required faith Jesus’s words of affectionate encouragement to Peter served to increase Peter’s faith in the future. you launch and grow a God-First business is through taking small steps and gradually increasing in faith Remember, Jesus says to be “faithful in the little things” to be entrusted with “greater things” (Matthew

  • Slay Fear and Be Bold In Business [4 Biblical Steps]

    May I have the faith to believe that no matter my financial circumstances or people issues, you will IT TAKES BOLD FAITH It takes bold faith to be a Jesus person these days in the marketplace, but I want Bold faith in business is a faith that says on a daily basis, "I want to do my best to make choices in God can’t work through fearful entrepreneurs; he works through faith-filled Godpreneurs. However, faith comes out of your heart. God wants us Godpreneurs to follow our hearts.

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