Slay Fear and Be Bold In Business [4 Biblical Steps]

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

What would happen if you set the alarm on your phone every morning before your business day starts, and you take a few moments and say

“God, make me bold in my business today. May I have the faith to believe that no matter my financial circumstances or people issues, you will show up and do what only you can do? Make me bold in business. Give me unshakable spiritual convictions in decision making; that have the courage and the faith to obey you no matter what the personal cost. God, even though it might be painful, make me bold in business”.

I'm encouraging you today to step out and be bold enough to follow the leadership of God in your business. It never ceases to amaze me what God enables an entrepreneur to do if they will just step out.

Here's a question: How amazed are people by your boldness in business? When your employees or clients look at you, would they say: “Oh, undoubtedly, beyond a shadow of a doubt, you are a disciple and follower of Jesus." Or would they say, "You're Christian? Really?

There are innumerable ways the Holy Spirit prompts you to be bold in your business.

  • VENDOR CONVERSATION: You may just be in a conversation with a vendor, and suddenly you feel the urge to ask him or her: “Do you mind if I pray for you?” Mind you, you are NEVER comfortable with praying out loud, but next thing you know, you’re calling heaven down and believing by faith that the power of God will touch this hurting person right in front of you.

  • EMPLOYEE MEETING: You might be in an employee meeting, and someone says something inappropriate, and you very lovingly and appropriately say, “Let's not do that. We can be better than that."

  • CLIENT CATCH-UP: You might be bold when a client starts gossiping against a competitor, trash-talking, and you don't participate or even be as bold as to say, “come on, let’s be better people than that."

  • ANOTHER GODPRENEUR: You might see an entrepreneur friend on social media (not necessarily Christian) that is just hurting, and you write them and say, “Hey, I am going to bring you to church this week. I´m not just inviting. I’m bringing."

There are so many different ways that God might manifest himself alo