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Scaling Your Faith and Business: 21 Devotionals for Growth Without Compromise

Have you reached that crucial stage in your business where you're ready to grow but are anxious about losing your integrity, balance, or meaningful relationships along the way? If yes, I've got just the right tool for you.

Godpreneur Academy has released a set of devotionals dedicated to the "Grow" stage of their exceptional roadmap, "The Path to Godpreneurship." These aren't mere guidelines; these are 21 days of devotionals.

If you've been thinking about incorporating spiritual habits into your busy entrepreneurial life, now is the perfect time. You'll invest just a few minutes a day and walk away with actionable insights for both your business and your spiritual life.

Now, let's uncover what this transformative devotional plan holds.

The Business Bible Plans:

1) Growing Your Agency, God’s Way

Learn how to scale your agency without losing your soul. This devotional helps you embrace serving over selling, ensuring that you impact the world positively.

2) 5 Lies of Money and Business

Money talks, but not always truthfully. This 5-day plan debunks common money myths that hold you back from God-backed business growth.

3) Waiting on God in Your Business

Patience is a virtue in life and in business. Discover the art of waiting for the right opportunities and decisions that align with God’s plans.

4) Conquering Integrity in My Business

In a world where cutting corners is commonplace, stand out by maintaining integrity. Learn how to attract and retain customers through ethical practices.

5) Overcoming Work Addiction

Entrepreneurs often fall into the trap of work addiction. Find the right balance between ambition and rest, as you learn from real-life examples.

6) Good Fighting in Business Partnerships

Conflicts are inevitable, but they can be managed constructively. Uncover the power of good fighting to create harmonious business partnerships.


So, there it is! These devotionals in the "Grow" stage are your secret weapon for scaling your business while keeping your faith front and center. But remember, these are just one part of Godpreneur Academy's comprehensive journey, "The Path to Godpreneurship," which guides you through each stage of your entrepreneurial adventure.

Ready for unshakeable growth in both your business and faith? Visit today and consider joining us for an experience like no other.

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