Your Business Transformation is Your Testimony

Back in 2008 when I left the nightlife scene to start a relationship with God, I knew I was being watched. I realized my friends and family would be looking at me, questioning, and watching my next moves.

Over the years, they saw me transform my personal, business, physical and spiritual life. And, the most part, I believe I’ve been a good testimony of the transforming nature of God: He renewed me and continues to elevate me.

During this transformation, I also had to rebuild my branding agency from scratch. This means that former clients, vendors, employees, and partners were also going to witness a transformation.

The great news is that I was successfully able to rebuild the agency into a God-first business. I attracted better clients and felt more fulfilled with the work we were doing. My friends, family, and employees were all able to witness the transformation.

And you know who else saw the transformation?

My enemies.

What do I mean by enemies?

When I left the nightlife to be a "born again" Christian, some enemies spawned up. We can also call them "haters." Instead of encouragement, these enemies threw shade on the flip flop from nightlife to day life.

My enemies knew I split from clients and partners I was no longer aligned with and had to REBUILD from scratch. They had been watching, and when the rebuilding work was finished, they were keeping a closer eye on my every move.


We all have enemies looking on our rebuilding process and wishing for our downfall. Enemies can come in many forms, including competitors, former clients, partners from previous businesses, etc.